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Why You Should Consider Reconfiguring Your Bathroom

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bathroom remodel

bathroom remodel

Is your bathroom in desperate need of an upgrade or renovation? Has it always been an issue but you’ve ignored it up to this point? If you’ve decided the time is right to freshen up your bathroom and do that remodel project you had been dreaming about, you may want to consider a complete reconfiguration as you draw up your design plan. But why go to such extensive lengths? Here’s a look at some of the top reasons why reconfiguring your bathroom could be the best plan.

Create Better Flow

When you’ve got a builder grade bathroom design, you’ve got just that – builder grade. Things are done in the cheapest most efficient manner without much thought to design, flow and functionality. Sometimes that can result in some rather odd configurations that just don’t make much sense. This is your chance to right that wrong and choose a layout that flows and is cohesive.


Create a Sense of Space

Bathrooms are notoriously small rooms, and with that said, it’s a room where you want to have as much storage as possible. So, rather than blow out walls and steal space from other rooms, you may want to look into how a reconfiguration could give you more space, or at least the illusion of space. You can then focus on storage solutions that work with the new design.


Fit a Larger Shower or Tub into the Room

If you've always wanted a larger shower or tub, or maybe you want to eliminate one of the two, this is your opportunity. Reconfiguring the space allows you to move around all the essential pieces like blocks in a room until they fit the way you want them to.


Convert Your Sink to a Double Sink

For many couples, one of the biggest requests for a bathroom is to have a double sink. This gives each person their own personal space to stretch out and call their own. Just because your current bathroom layout doesn’t have a double sink, doesn’t mean you can’t make it happen; it could just be that you need to re-work the layout to make it fit.


You Want a Heated Floor

Another big trend with homeowners right now is to rip out the existing flooring and install heated flooring instead. Obviously, this isn't a big deal in the summer, but pretty much every other month of the year will have you enjoying this luxurious feature. Keep in mind that when you convert to a heated floor, it is thicker which affects a variety of factors in the bathroom and the transition in the doorway. A little reconfiguring may even be necessary.


Not a Job You Want to Tackle on Your Own

As you start to consider how reconfiguring your bathroom could make sense for your home and your lifestyle, be sure to also factor in a plumber. As this plumber Mebane NC points out, a professional plumber with remodeling services is the best way to ensure professional results. They understand what is needed in water line replacement or re-routing, new show installations, toilet installations, and more.


Enjoy Your New Bathroom Layout

So, as you work on your bathroom remodel plan, be sure to consider how a reconfiguration could impact the result.



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