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Which Door Is Right For Your Business?

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If you have just bought or rented a new business, you may be wondering which kind of door will function well and keep you and your employees safe and comfortable.

Most commercial doors are heavier and wider than residential doors.  If your business gets multiple deliveries, you would need a door that could be opened and closed often and that is resilient to pressure. Heavy-duty steel doors are very resistant to things like a forklift or loaded dollies.

If you work in a warehouse or retail shop with a loading dock, you may want to consider an industrial rolling door. There are several different models of rolling doors from which to choose. Rolling doors are easy to use and very secure.

Fire Rated Door

A bespoke fire-rated steel door is an entrance that’s purpose is to resist the spread of fire. The best fire doors will close automatically when an alarm goes off. These doors will slow the spread of a blaze so that the fire department has time to get there.


Rolling Steel Doors

Rolling doors are easy to open and they will last longer than regular steel doors. They are very difficult for a thief to break in to. You can insulate these kinds of doors with a combination of metal and foam. The insulation works exceptionally well to keep in air conditioning and heat. Superior insulation can reduce your energy bills over time.

Rolling overhead doors also help reduce noise pollution. The doors keep sound out because they are always sealed at the edges. The thickness of the door also helps with soundproofing a space.

Rolling doors are not only resistant to damage from equipment, but they also stand up well to rain, hail, and snow. They are rust-resistant and last for a long time.

You will have a choice between automatic doors and manual doors. Although they may be more expensive, automatic doors work faster and give you more security than manual doors. However, automatic doors require electricity. This may cause a problem if you ever lose power.


Overhead Glass Doors

If you own a business such as a retail store or restaurant, you are probably dependent on customers being able to see inside. Aluminum overhead glass doors are a good option as they have a high R-value and they are very energy efficient. They are also water and corrosion-resistant.

The aluminum frames make these doors much lighter weight than a steel door. A glass and aluminum door easier on lifting mechanisms and therefore should last a long time.

The mingling of glass and aluminum give a business a clean and modern look. These doors will give your business an upscale ambiance and let customers know that they can expect top quality products in your establishment.


Security Grills

If you are selling a product that requires fresh air and visibility, you may want to consider a security grill. They are the best option for florist shops, magazine stands, and fast-food stands.

You can get a chain operated or motor operated grill. If you have a cafeteria or coffee stand, a counter security grill may be perfect for you.

Industrial Door Solutions provides an array of doors to choose from. If you do a little research and weigh all the pros and cons, you can find a door that is perfect for you.



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