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Things You Need To Know To Remove A Tree In Livonia

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How to climb trees

How to climb trees

If the tree is less than 6" DBH (diameter breast height) then it required permission to remove. Once you applied for the permission, the Public Service Division of Livonia will inspect it to approve removing the tree. Don't worry, they do not need a contractor to perform the works.

The Public Service Division follows two ways when someone applied for tree removal.

  1. As a property owner, you have to request the Department for tree removal, evaluation, or trimming. Then they will inspect the tree.
  2. They will send forestry personnel to identify that the trees are dead or dying due to insects or have a virulent disease. Or the tree damaged by a storm, or placed on a sidewalk, declining due to age, and so on.

When the tree needs to be removed as an emergency, then they will send forestry personnel to handle the situation immediately.

They will bear all the costs, so as a property owner you just need to send them permission.

And when you sent a letter by explaining why the tree needs to be removed, and if the removals are not in immediate situations then it will be incorporated into the Annual Tree and Stump Removal Program.

Since the funds are available, the City will replant trees that were removed by the City of Livonia.

Remember, according to the City policy: if the tree is healthy then you cannot remove this. You have to approve permission from the City to remove it at your own expense.

How to Hire a Professional Tree Removal Service

If you want to remove the tree by yourself then we'd suggest you follow some tips so that you can hire the best professional for the job.

  1. Does the company provide a real address?
  2. Are they TCIA accredited?
  3. Do they have a positive review online?
  4. Do they provide business cards including all information?
  5. Is their number valid?
  6. Their experience.

Make sure you check these 5 things before hiring a professional to remove your tree. Also, check if they have insurance or not. If not then remember, you have to bear the costs of any injuries or damages.

And check if they ask you upfront costs or not. These things will help you choose the best professional for tree removal.

However, let’s discuss the above-mentioned tips in detail so that you can choose the best service.


1. Their Certification

You should research to find the best tree removal service, right? So while searching them make sure to check their certificate as well. The ISA provides the certificate to the professionals.


2. Insurance

If the company has insurance or not is considered very important. And tree removing is a dangerous task, so it's very important to consider insurance. You can confidently hire a professional tree removal service if they are licensed and have insurance.

You don't need to carry any costs if any accidents happen while removing the tree.


3. Check Online Reviews

While researching different tree removing services make sure you check their online reviews. It shows the reputation of the company that will help you choose the right one.

If the company is top-quality then they will have positive reviews with recommendations.


4. Their Experience

An experienced company can do the job in the best way, there's no doubt. In terms of tree removal, the experience is a great thing to consider.

Also, you can choose a new company and it won't be a bad choice. But a renowned company with experienced people would be a better option.


5. Their Services

Don't forget to ask about the services they provide. Ask them if they will clean the land after removing the tree. Will they remove the tree branches also the logs or not? Will they remove the tree or grind the stump?

Those things are very necessary to ask, so make sure you check this.


6. Price

You have to select a professional company according to your budget, right? If the budget is too high then your answer will be "NO" but if they offer you a very low price, then it may be they do not have the proper insurance, or they are not experienced.

That's why checking the price range is also important. As human beings, we love to bargain but convince them for a reasonable price if they offer too expensive a price range.


7. Compare the Company with another

To select the best company for tree removing you can compare the selected company with another. The comparison will show you the best one, that's why this is one of the tips that you can follow.

If you want to remove the tree and need a professional then you can contact with Livonia Tree Removal or you can check their website.


Why should You Hire a Professional

You know how to remove a tree in Livonia, also, now you know how to choose the best one. The following is the answer we’re going to share why you should hire a professional:

  1. A large tree has large branches that can be dropped anytime, especially, in the storms. They may damage your house, and to prevent any damages you can cut the tree. And a professional can do it better for you.


  1. Only professionals maintain all the safety precautions to avoid any accidents. That you may not be able to maintain, that's why you should call a professional.


  1. They have the experience of cutting a tree that you don't have. So it'd be ideal to seek help from the professional instead of you doing it yourself.


  1. A professional also helps you save money: you are not an expert, so if you try to remove the tree by yourself then this may cause accidents and you may be injured. That will cost more, don't you think so? Call a professional when you need to remove a tree.



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