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What Kind Of Drill Bit For Hardened Steel Bolt 

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The carbide-tipped steel drill bit is a common name every time hardened steel is the subject. Therefore, the carbide bits are suitable for mechanics, locksmiths, or any technician dealing with hardened steel. Such bits help in the removal of drill bits, taps, and broken bolts.

Drills using the hardened drill bits for steel require moderate pressure to allow for low spindle speed. If the situation allows, mount the piece on a stationary block and the bit finish the work to get the best service. One big challenge that you must face is getting to know the right bit for hardened steel by looking at the physical appearance. Even the most established industry professionals find it hard to identify the right drill bit just by looking.

That is why we have significant facts that will enable you to know what kind of drill bit for hardened steel bolt, click here to continue.


Look at the lifespan of a drill bit before thinking of purchasing one. A bit made from cobalt steel alloy, carbide-tipped, or titanium is popularly strong and hardened for use with tough materials. The bits made from the hard materials give you the confidence to work without exerting so much pressure to work with steel surfaces.


Abrasion resistance

The resistance a drill bit goes through to resist abrasion or any wear and tear after drilling should be enough to prove that it is the right drill bit. Such a bit resists hot and increasing temperature, challenging work environment, gives it the ability through hard surfaces without breaking or damaging the surface. With such a drill, you will have no time to waste cooling because you will be using the right bit for the right job.


Corrosion resistance

There is a lot of power in a drill bit that does not corrode or rust. Any accidental fall on wet surfaces should not worry you because there are no chances of rust or corrosion coming your way. You can use the bit even when it rains, provided the drill has enough protection. When you see a coat of titanium, gold oxide, carbide, and carbonitride on a hardened drill bit for steel bolt, go for it.


Taking out broken studs

Breaking of drill bits is not a frequent activity, but something is bound to happen. You may be called upon to remove a stud, broken pieces, torn bits, or anything that causes a jam. Ensure that the drill bit you want to take home is capable of reverse action that allows the removal of stuck and broken pieces without further damage to your work.


Flutes and no spin shanks

A good drill bit for hardened metal should have the winding flutes to manage the rising torque through hardening of the grip on the drill. The reason behind such designs is to keep the steel bit in place by preventing slipping. The design also keeps you safe from possible injuries. The feature is essential for people who want to drill hardened steel for the first time.


Material design

The bit coating and structure is vital in determining the best tool for drilling through a bolt. Carbide, high-speed steel, titanium, and cobalt can withstand hard surfaces and handle the toughness.


Power of penetration

Twisted bits seem to penetrate the body of the material with a little effort. In contrast, bits from carbide or titanium are more robust compared to those made of alloy cobalt or cobalt, thus having the best penetration power.



A drill bit's performance is marked by durability, efficiency, ease of use, and portability. If the material is right and possesses these attributes, you have one of the best drill bit in the market to drill through hardened steel bolt.


Final word

That is all we could share today to answer the question of what kind of drill bit for hardened steel bolt. If you can apply and use the ideas when looking at the best drill bit, the next question you will answer could be something like "who is better at drilling hardened steel surfaces?”

The features we have here does not mean that you have everything to combat the hardened surface. You need to sharpen your skills and be a master of your game.



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