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Repairing A Door: The Smartest Ways To Fix A Broken Door

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Did the wind just blow through your house, or did someone break in? Either way, your home security is bound to suffer. Doors are an integral part of any home and are often a reflection of the people who live there. If you have a front door with an old lock or one that has been broken into more than once, it’s time to get that door fixed as soon as possible. A broken door can open opportunities for intruders and make it much easier to enter your home again. Thankfully, fixing a broken door is easy if you know what you’re doing. Read on for some handy tips on how to repair a door:

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Have the right tools ready before you start for repairing a door

Even if you’re a handy person by nature, you can’t repair a door if you don’t have the right tools. You’ll need a drill, a screwdriver, a measuring tape, a hammer, and a pair of heavy-duty gloves. You can find a great drill at any home store. The screws you’ll be using should be of the drywall variety since wood screws might not work well with the old door’s construction. If you’re not sure what kind of screws to buy, simply ask the store staff.


Use self-tapping screws

Self-tapping screws are the best way to repair a broken door. Unlike regular screws, these fasten themselves into the wood. Even if the door is rotten through, self-tapping screws can still be used to repair it. You simply have to choose the right kind, make sure they’re long enough to go through the door, and drill them in. Self-tapping screws come in various lengths and in a variety of colours so you can easily find them in the store.


If you don’t have self-tapping screws, use lag screws

Lag screws are an excellent alternative if you don’t have self-tapping screws. They’re made of special materials that allow them to go through wood with ease. They’re strong enough to help a lot when you’re trying to repair a broken door. You simply have to find the right diameter depending on the thickness of the door, drill them, and then fasten the door with the lag screws. Lag screws come in a variety of lengths and in different colours, so you can easily find them at the store.


Don’t use nails

Nails might be cheaper than lag screws, but they don’t give any lasting strength to the door. They’re easy to bend, break, and strip. Even if the door doesn’t budge at all, you’ll have to remove them and buy new nails to replace them. If the door is open and you simply hammer the nails back in one by one, it’ll take a long time and you might damage the door. Use lag screws instead.


Use a dead bolt and a doorknob lock

Installing a dead bolt on the inside and a doorknob lock on the outside of your door is the best way to secure it. It doesn’t matter which one you choose since both provide the same security. A dead bolt is inserted into a mortise and is locked with a key. It’s a lot more secure than a door knob and is easy to install. A doorknob lock is attached to a door knob and is unlocked with a key. It’s easy to replace and is highly secure.


Install a new door lock

If your door is old and broken, it’s time to replace it. A new door is always more secure than an old one and will help increase your home security. It’s easy to install a new door lock. Simply find a deadbolt lock that matches your door and install it. Deadbolts come in various types, so you can easily find one that matches your door. New door locks also come with a keychain and an alarm system, so you’re able to secure your keys better. A keychain lock is cheap and easy to install. You simply need to attach it to your keychain. Most locks come with a keychain.


Repairing a broken door is easier than you think

It might look like a daunting task, but repairing a broken door is easier than you think. Ensure you have the right tools and the right materials, and you’ll be good to go in no time. Follow the tips above, and you should be able to repair your door in no time. And when you’re done, you’ll have a door that’s stronger, more secure, and much easier to open.



Anyone who has lived in an old house knows what it’s like to have a door that doesn’t quite close evenly or lock properly. When you have a door that needs some fixing, there are a few options available to you. Steel doors tend to be fairly easy to repair and maintain, so they make an ideal candidate for fixing anything from a slightly wonky track to an unsightly crack. Here’s how you can start repairing a door the smart way.







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