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Best Ideas To Reuse Broken Glass And Mirrors For Office Or Home Décor

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After drinking water, you drop a glass accidentally or you unintentionally bump into a wall that sends a mirror, crashing to the ground. It may also happen due to your child’s uproarious behavior; your collection of plates turns into shards. 

Sounds relatable? Well, it happens to all of us. 

You might be sad or angry that you broke something valuable to you. And, I guess everyone can admit the fact that cleaning up glass pieces is no fun. You throw away the shards and never look back at them. 

But, did you ever think of keeping the broken glass and mirror? As the saying goes, when one door closes, another opens. So, why not convert the broken pieces to an opportunity? An opportunity to make something creative out of it. 

You can do it. Let’s learn how. 

Why Reuse Broken Glass and Mirrors if it Looks Bizarre?

broken glasses

broken glasses

The question is, why should we make something creative from the broken glass or mirror? We think that the pieces have no value now, but you can make something valuable out of it. Something valuable and creative!

Imagine you have a broken window. Now, does it look awkward with two big holes in it and some cracks here and there? Well, of course, it does! 

But would the glass pieces look awkward once you gather them and put them together to create something unique and decorative? No, it will not. In fact, it would look absolutely wonderful!


Ideas to Put the Broken Glass and Mirror into Creative Work

broken mirror

broken mirror

There are many ways you can use those broken pieces at your home and give them a new life. There is a project ready for you whether you break that glass on purpose or accidentally. If you are considering working on large-scale projects, it requires a lot of planning and lots of glass bits. However, the smaller projects can be made pretty easily. 

Here are some of the ideas to create something out of the broken bits:

Creative Décor on Furniture

What is trending these days is mirrored and reflective glass on furniture. To do this, all you have to do is remove handles, hinges, and drawers from your piece. Then, apply a coat of primer and give your piece two good coats of paint in any color you want. Black, grey, and white are some great choices as it is better to use neutral colors so the glass pieces can steal the show. 

glass decor

glass decor

The next thing you have to do is mix some mortar that you can easily find at a hardware store. Apply the mortar to the tabletop or your drawer fronts. You can use a tile trowel to do this job. Then, place the broken glass bits strategically into the mortar, just like tiles. The next step is to remove mortar bits over the glass pieces. For this, wipe it down with a damp sponge. Make sure it is dry before you reassemble your furniture. 

It may seem a bit difficult putting the drawer pulls back onto your bureau or chest with the front tiled with glass. But, there are certain options you can consider. You can purchase a special drill that will safely make holes in a glass. However, this is a long and time-consuming process. Alternatively, you can use some putty that can help you put your drawer pulls back onto the front within no time. 


Bathroom Décor 

Taking the broken glass trend further, this technique is pretty much the same as the one described above. However, instead of furniture, you have to stick the bits on a vertical surface in your bathroom. It is preferable if this work is done in a small space so it stands out. 

bathroom broken glass design

bathroom broken glass design

The first thing you have to do is sand and clean your wall space. Remove anything that can get in the way of doing your job. After that, apply mortar and start tiling with the glass pieces. Don’t forget to wipe it with a damp sponge once the job is done. 

When it is completely dry, it should look similar to a tile backsplash. Use an all-purpose cleaner and a soft sponge to wipe down your new glass backsplash to make it look clean and shiny. 


Monogram Wall Hanging

While the above technique involves many glass pieces, what can you do if you only have a limited amount of broken glass bits? Well, nothing to worry about. A lot of decorative pieces can be made. Since monograms are the typography that are trending these days, why not put the looks of both in a simple craft project?

monogram wall hanging

monogram wall hanging

Go to a crafting store and buy a wooden letter of your choice. Get one that is at least eight or ten inches tall. Also, make sure it has a flat front and avoid the ones with a bevel or special edge. They just cost a few dollars. 

Firstly, paint the letter in acrylic craft paint with any color you would like. Let it dry and then all you need is your glass pieces and a glue gun to make a beautiful decorative piece. 


Holiday Décor

Why not bring some joy into your holidays? Purchase some clear plastic ornaments and pop off their hangers. Fill them up with glitter or snowflakes or anything you like. Next, get your hot glue gun and cover the outside of your ornament with the glass bits. This tends to create a disco ball effect. Just make sure you use glass pieces that are small and not sharp since it can harm anyone. 


Benefits of Using Broken Glass and Mirror into Unique Décor Ideas

benefits of using broken glass and mirror

benefits of using broken glass and mirror

  • Using glass pieces as a unique décor is cost-effective. It saves you a lot of money while also providing value to your home. 
  • Recrafting broken glass and mirror means that there would be fewer glass objects lying around in landfills or in the bin. Therefore, less space will be taken up by glass. 
  • These unique decorative pieces can also be gifted to your loved ones. 
  • They are perfect for either home or office use.

How are you going to reuse broken glass and mirror? Have any other creative ideas? Don’t hesitate to share with our readers. And if you are looking out for glass and mirror products then don’t forget to visit this link https://www.homedepot.com/b/Fab-Glass-and-Mirror/N-5yc1vZm1l







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