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Robust Car Equipment You Should Invest In 2020

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A vehicle can be quite expensive, but as time goes by, that which was previously costly becomes affordable. A great example is the smartphone. Before, if you wanted a phone in your car, you had to pay hundreds of dollars for the unit, install it such that it derived power from your vehicular battery, install an antenna, and get a coverage plan.

Now, your smartphone just charges from the cigarette lighter (which probably hasn’t lit any cigarettes in years), and you can use bluetooth to navigate your vehicle. As a matter of fact, many vehicles are designed so you can plug the phone right into the car, and just talk to the computer as you drive for safer transit.

Where before, such utility required special expenditure, today, vehicles are designed with amenities like this built-in; meaning you spend no extra on car or phone than you would anyway for such utility. Well, technology additionally makes alterations, additions, augmentations, and upgrades more affordable for your vehicle.

Some upgrades you can do in a relatively cost-effective way, and they’ve got a robust quality to them that makes their addition more feasible than perhaps it’s been. Following we’ll briefly explore robust car equipment you might want to invest in through 2020.

A Jumpstart In Your Laptop Bag

Jumpstart devices for a dead battery can save you hours or days of hassle. Such devices can also be a lifesaver in a situation where you’re too remote to get help. You can acquire these little supercharged batteries for between $50 and $200, depending on where and how you buy them.

These are an essential item. You can fit them in your laptop bag, and charge them at the coffee shop. Here’s one to look at as a point of reference; these are popping up in car parts stores and department stores everywhere.

Having Tow Options For Almost Any Vehicle
A towbar can be key in providing someone in distress with assistance. If you’ve got a smaller vehicle, this may allow rescue personnel to tow you out of a ditch. Additionally, even small vehicles can tow small trailers; your compact coupe could be the workhorse for a fine camping getaway. If you’re interested, look at these towbar options from Speedy Towbars.

car equipment

car equipment

The Window “Stinger”

This is a little device you grip in your fist, and which has a hard portion that protrudes between your knuckles, allowing you to lever total force against a dash or door window when you’re trapped in a crash.

The Stinger is cheap, and it’s a wise accessory to purchase for the safety of you and those who travel with you should unexpected emergency transpire. Some of these even come with USB functionality so you can just plug it into your cigarette lighter and make use of it when you’re not escaping a crashed vehicle.


Automatic Dash Cam

There are many different sorts of dash cams from many different sellers. They’ll be more or less expensive depending. Some come with GPS tracking technology. Essentially, they’ll start recording the moment a collision happens, and often in high definition.


Maximizing Your Vehicle

Between automatic dash cams, portable jumpstart devices, tow options, and equipment designed to help you escape your vehicle in the event of a wreck, you can do a lot for your vehicle in a cost-effective way.

These alterations are quite worthwhile, and recommendable for a variety of reasons. If you haven’t looked into such accessories before, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Look around and explore; you may be surprised what robust car accessory options available through technology and varying developments in the motor vehicle industry.







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