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Unique Ideas On How To Use Antique Mirror For Home Decor

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How To Use Antique Mirror For Home Decor

antique mirror

antique mirror

Antique mirrors, also known as vintage mirrors, are mirrors that feature dark edges, ornate frames, and artistic designs and crafts. Antique mirrors possess attractively elegant frames with a unique charm to them. The use of antique mirrors in a home, whether adorned in Victorian or vintage styles, will instantly fill your home with elegance and attraction.

Antique mirrors exist in the following theme and style options.

  • Gothic antique mirrors: These feature dark wood frames, sharp arches found at the top of the mirror, and ornate frame carvings.
  • Baroque antique mirrors: These commonly appear as oval shapes, and the ornate carvings are less compared to gothic styles.
  • Rococo antique mirrors: These come as oval or rectangular shapes and sport a flat base. They also have frame carvings at the top mostly.
  • Art Nouveau: These have swirling patterns, crooked lines, and concepts that are brought forth from nature.

Other antique mirror themes include Georgian, Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian.

How Can an Antique Mirror Be a Better Alternative?



Antique mirrors provide all the benefits of using mirrors in the home with an extra touch of visual interest and elegance. Antique mirrors are better alternatives to standard mirrors in the following ways.

  • Elegance: Antique mirrors provide your home and decor with elegance and style. They serve as focal points and highlight the surrounding space.
  • Brighten up: Antique mirrors, just like standard mirrors, will brighten up the ambiance of your space when placed tactfully.
  • Enlarge space: Antique mirrors, when used in a small room just like standard mirrors, will make the room look and feel more significant than its size.
  • Artistic design: Antique mirrors fit into any décor theme and style. Use them to create artistic looks and statements, even in modern décor setups.


How and Where to Use Antique Mirrors to Portray Unique Designs

Antique mirrors are stunning options for dining rooms, backsplashes and can be used to accentuate furniture.

  • Antique mirrors as Mirror Backsplash
mirror designs

mirror designs

Antique mirrors are perfect options for mirror backsplash. Using an antique mirror as a backsplash adds elegance and a glamor touch to any space. They are also straightforward to maintain.

Antique mirrors can be used as mirror backsplashes in the kitchen and home bar.


  • Bathrooms
square mirror

square mirror

Antique mirrors can be used creatively in the bathroom to transform the look and feel of the bathroom.

  • Add a faded antique mirror to the bathroom as a shower wall,
  • Place an antique mirror at the rear of the bathtub as a mirror wall.
  • Use antique mirrors as dividers in the bathroom to give a distinct look.
  • Place small antique mirrors on vanities or shelves in the bathroom. To add more interest, you can place flower vases amidst them.

All these add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, make your bathroom look and feel bigger, reflect light into the bathroom, and add visual interest to the bathroom.


  • Antique Mirrors as Entry Statements
mirror for home decor

mirror for home decor

A feature of antique mirrors is that they are decorative and artistic. Take this decorative feature to your hallways and use antique mirrors to make bold statements when entering the home.

Antique mirrors apart from serving as entry statements will serve as a focal point, but also make your hallway appear more significant than it is.

You can do this by putting together small-sized antique mirrors on one of the walls in the hallway. They can either be put together as a group or make them stretch down the entrance in a line.

Another way of using antique mirrors as entry statements is to place a big antique mirror on a wall in the hallway instead of small-sized antique mirror groups. This, apart from serving as an entry statement, also helps to brighten up the hallway.


  • Living and Dining Rooms
decorate home with mirrors

decorate home with mirrors

The living room is one of the best places to incorporate antique mirrors. Bring that vintage and unique charm that comes with an antique mirror into the living room and dining space.

Instead of placing a television above the fireplace, an antique mirror in the place would make the room look larger and add brightness to the room. To be more creative about this, install a large antique wall mirror on the same wall as the fireplace and place a television on it. This will serve as a focal point in the room with added visual interest.

Another way to incorporate antique mirrors in the living room is to add an oversized one on the wall behind a sofa for a flawless look.

A large antique mirror on the wall of the dining room will give the dining room a refined look with an illusion of extra space.


  • Bedroom
mirrors in room

mirrors in room

In the bedroom, place an average-sized antique mirror on the dresser. This makes the room look attractive and adds visual interest to the room.

Another way to incorporate antique mirrors in the bedroom is to use them in place of the conventional headboards. A big sized antique mirror in place of the headboard will create a particular central focus in the room. It will transform the everyday look of your bedroom into a luxurious one.

You can also line a medium to full-length antique mirror on the bedroom wall, preferably across the bed. The mirror will reflect the entire bedroom and make it feel bigger and spacious. 







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