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Running Short on Space in Your Living Room? Try One of These 7 Clever Space-Saving Solutions

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Canva - Contemporary Black and White Living Room

Contemporary black and white living room with stylish interior decor, an upholstered lounge siite and glass door leading to an outdoor patio, 3d render

Just because a living room is small doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. Kitchens are often the busiest room in the home, but the living room is supposed to be the most comfortable. So, when the space is small, it is important to choose pieces wisely and to place them smartly. Many of the small-space solutions involve decorating in a way that you love so you enjoy spending time in your living room.

  1. Put the TV on the Wall

Using a TV wall mount is a good way to add floor space to your small living room. Instead of using a table or a special TV cabinet, putting the TV on the wall opens up space for a chair and ottoman. Putting the TV on the wall also adds a focal point to the living room.


  1. Add Mirrors

Mirrors add space to a room. Whether you put the mirror on the wall or you have a standing panel of mirrors, the room will appear bigger from bouncing light around the room. When you place the mirror, notice what is reflected in it so you have a nice view.


  1. Use Wall Lights

Lights can take up floor space, too. Many designers will turn to wall lights to make their rooms look bigger. If you cannot put lights on the walls, then use tall, thin floor lamps to add space for comfortable furniture.


  1. Try Stackable Tables

With stackable tables, you can have the table space you need when you need it. But, when space is at a premium, you can stack them and have more floor space. The stackable tables add architectural interest to a room, too.


  1. Add Bold Art

When you add big, bold pieces of art to a room, it automatically adds space. Don’t use several pieces of art, just use one big piece. Put your art in a spot where it shines and show it off with pride. When you add art to a wall, it makes people look away from the smallness of the floor space. You could place your mirror across from the bold piece of art to show it off from all angles.


  1. Use Your Favorite Colors

The old rule was to avoid using dark colors in a small room, but this rule is gone. Of course, light colors like white do open up a room, but dark colors can make a small space look cozy and comfortable. If you don’t like light colors or dark colors, you can use a jewel tone or bright color. Choose your favorite color and embrace. When you love the space, you’ll love being in it, no matter what the size.


  1. Don’t Use a Sofa

Big sofas can take up a lot of space in a small room. Instead, try a love seat or a grouping of comfortable chairs. You’d be surprised how functional a small living room is even if it does not have a sofa in it.



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