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Should You Repair Or Replace Your Laptop?

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Consider repairing your device if it's relatively new, and the components are not costly. According to Fancy Appliance, while repairing some parts can make a laptop continue to function, there may come the point where you're better off investing in a new one. If the problem is beyond repair, it's time to upgrade to a better laptop.

Situations Where You Can Repair a Laptop

Assess what the problem is before you research for the latest laptops and run off to the nearest store. Depending on your handiness skills and technical knowledge, you can either fix the problem yourself or consult a computer technician.

These are the common scenarios where fixing a laptop may be an ideal solution.


Low Memory Space

The simplest solution you can do is to end the process of programs that use too much memory. Launch Task Manager and see which process is using the most memory. Right-click that program's name and select 'End Task'.

If troubleshooting doesn't help, a laptop's memory is one of the easiest parts to replace. You can access it on a panel on the bottom of the device.


Broken DC Power Jack

There are times when the jack, where the power adapter connects, gets loose from the internal connections. This problem often requires removing and replacing the laptop case.


Damaged Keyboard

Rebooting is the first thing you should try to do when your keyboard isn't working. There are times when the keyboard driver becomes unresponsive due to a conflict with another application or driver. If rebooting doesn't work, you can also try reinstalling or updating the driver.

Some laptops only require removing the top bezel, which is a component that protects the device's interior parts. In some cases, you merely need to attach a keycap back to the board. You may also opt to replace the full keyboard, which can sometimes cost less than purchasing individual keycaps.


Hard Drive

There's a problem with the hard drive if the laptop doesn't start. Hard drive corruption happens due to file system errors, typically because of sudden system shutdown, bad sectors, hardware issues, or physical damage.

Depending on the severity of the problem, formatting the hard disk is the simplest way to repair a corrupt hard disk. The system may ask you to format the drive. However, do not do this if you want to retrieve your data.

If this doesn't work, you can remove and replace the hard drive. Unless you are knowledgeable in electronics, it's advisable to ask a professional to fix the problem.


Slow Loading Times

There may be a problem with the RAM if your device hangs all the time. The good thing is that most laptops house the RAM at an access panel on the bottom of the device. You would need to slide the new RAM in its designated socket.

Additionally, check for viruses as malware is also a culprit for a slow laptop. The best way to combat this is to install an antivirus program that can protect your device from threats.


Broken LCD

A damaged screen usually displays lines, patterns, or black spots, which may increase in size over time. If the laptop screen isn't visibly damaged or cracked, you can repair it by having the latest graphics driver. Should you need to replace the actual screen, it would be best to have a technician do the job.


Laptop Not Charging

If your laptop isn't charging, the problem may come from the battery or power cable. To check this, plug the laptop into the wall without a battery. If the device turns on, then the problem lies in the battery.

The battery's capacity dwindles over years of use. Fortunately, the battery and power cable are among the easiest parts to replace, since there's no need to open the laptop case.


Situations Where You Need to Repair a Laptop 

If you're still wondering whether you should repair or replace your laptop, these are common circumstances when it's time to invest in something new and better.


Time Constraint

It would be more practical to buy a new laptop if the main components are failing, and you have no time to wait for replacement parts or wait for a technician to finish repairing the device.



There are instances where working professionals and students may need a more powerful laptop to accommodate their software requirements. For example, designing and video editing applications need high-performance processors and graphic cards to prevent lagging. 


Capacity Due to Age

  • Is the laptop around three to four years old?
  • Despite a software reset, would the device's speed be enough for you?
  • Can it run your applications despite an increase in memory space?
  • Is the hard disk enough to update the system?
  • Will the device allow you to increase the RAM beyond 4GB?

If you say no to these questions, then there's a chance you may need to replace the laptop within a few years anyway.



Inclusions of a warranty differ from brands. Some manufacturers offer a free replacement within a particular timeframe, while others only provide free repair and replacement parts.



If the repair costs more than one-third of a new model's price, it's more reasonable to spend money on replacement. If you think you might end up going back to the repair shop frequently, this is another reason to opt for a replacement model instead.         

Moreover, see if the replacement laptop can provide you with at least two benefits you won't have from fixing your old device. For instance, a new laptop can likely have a longer battery life or better audio than your old one.



There are various reasons and factors that can affect your decision about whether it's better to repair or replace a laptop. Remember, if a single component is to blame, then you can save more by fixing it. If there are a lot of damaged parts, then you're better off buying a new or you can opt for online laptop financing







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