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Why You need To Regrout Your Tiles

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Closeup of a tile setter's hand as he lays out tiles on the wall.

You use your bathroom every day. It is everybody’s sanctuary at home. Hence, it is important to make it look clean and fresh all the time. After all, who wants to take a bath in a dirty shower area?

We all want to feel very relaxed in our bathrooms. We want to feel indulgence and comfort in every way. It will be great to maintain your bathroom like how it was when it was first constructed.

So… how do you do this? You can repaint the walls and replace broken tiles. You can also add some furnishings and other small decors. Plus, make sure you regularly sanitize and steam your bathroom.

But more than these, have you considered re-grouting? You may have noticed that despite trying to diligently clean, they still don’t seem to be clean enough.  The answer to this problem is regrouting. 

Reasons to Regrout Tiles

Get a fresher and cleaner look

Regrouting is a great cosmetic makeover. Throughout the years, your grout can get grey, black, or discolored. It can look old and dirty. Regrouting is a quick way to make your bathroom or comfort room looking fresh and clean!


Fix Cracks

Everyday use of your bathroom will surely wear out your grouts. Water can wash away the grout over time. It also causes the grout to crack. 

Also, cracked grout opens the way for water to get into the substrate and wall behind the shower. This will have a bad effect on your bathroom.  Regrouting can help fix these cracked grout issues.


Remove and Prevent Moulds

Mold growth is hard to avoid in wet and damp areas. Thus, mold can easily grow in shower rooms. Plus, shower rooms are usually dark and enclosed as they are not used most of the day.

If a grout ages over time, water seeps inside. Your walls can get molds, as well.  The solution is to regrout regularly.  This will help remove and keep the mold out.  Mould damages a room. Regrouting is worth the effort to help avoid damages caused by molds. 


Protect Tiles Better

Another advantage of regrouting is that it keeps the tile in place. Grout supports the adhesive behind it. As the grout ages over time, it tends to lose that protective support function. One day, you will notice that the tile is now falling off. You can't even find similar replacement tiles. They may have already been phased out! You will have no recourse but to re-tile the whole area!  That will be very expensive. 

So don’t wait for that to happen. Regrouting once in a while is worth the effort to keep your tiles the way they are supposed to be. It is a less expensive way to maintain compared to having re-tile all over again!


How to Regrout Your Tiles

You can try to regrout yourself or do a DIY project. Regrouting may seem like a simple task. But is it that easy to regrout? If you do it wrongly, it can open more room for mold to come in. Plus, you may even break the tiles. It may eventually lead to costly damages and a longer time to renovate the area. 

Get a Professional to Do the Job

Thus, we suggest you get a regrouting Perth professional company to do the job. This way you can have better peace of mind when it comes to doing the right work. Here are the steps in regrouting. 


Choose the Right Grout Color

It is important to choose the color of the grout that matches your tile. If you are regrouting the whole room, this is a major consideration. But if you are only regrouting a certain part of the area, make sure you match the color of the old grout in other parts.


Remove old grout

Some people make the mistake of putting new grout on top of old grout.  But to make the job right, completely remove the old grout. An experienced tiler can do this job very well.

How do you remove old grout? Use a grout saw or utility knife to cut through old grout. Older groups are harder to remove. You may need elbow grease to help remove it. Extreme caution is needed to ensure you don’t ruin the tiles.


Clean tiles

After removing the grout, the next step is to clean it. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt or loose debris. Use a household cleaning solution, detergent, and water to clean the area and the tiles.


Mix and apply the grout

There are many types of grout. There is the pre-mixed grout. There is also the one modified with latex. This is the most recommended type. The reason for this is because it is water-resistant.  This feature makes it ideal for use in bathrooms. Whatever grout you choose, make sure you check the instructions on the pack.

The next step is to apply the grout. Use a float to put grout on the tile. After that, diagonally spread it. Hold the float with a 30-degree angle. Push the grout between the tiles.  Ensure you distribute the grout evenly to fill the gaps and joints. 

To sum up, it is very important to regrout your tiles to maintain your bathroom. This is less costly maintenance compared to retiling.  There are many steps to regrout properly. Otherwise, you run into the risk of molds and damaging tiles.







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