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How To Use Tiles Creatively In Modern Homes

use of tiles

use of tilesThe average cost of installing tiles ranges from $15 to $20 per square foot with materials and installation included, according to Home Advisor. This may vary if you will be the one doing the cutting and installation or if you will be hiring a pro. Installing tiles on the floors or even on … Read more

How To Cut A Hole In A Tile With Proper Safety


drillsTiles are the first choice of millions of souls around the world when choosing the correct flooring for their house. No matter the kind of fashion a family has in mind, one or another type of tile will surely be able to deliver. When it comes to tiles, there is no other option but to choose … Read more

Why You need To Regrout Your Tiles

Closeup of a tile setter’s hand as he lays out tiles on the wall. You use your bathroom every day. It is everybody’s sanctuary at home. Hence, it is important to make it look clean and fresh all the time. After all, who wants to take a bath in a dirty shower area? We all want … Read more

How To Choose The Right Kitchen Backsplash Tiles


While floor tiles are an obvious choice for any kitchen, many people forget about backsplash tiles – the wall tiles placed above workstations, sinks, and other important areas. Although they are easy to overlook, having good backsplash tiles can make your kitchen much nicer and provide protection for the walls near specific areas. If used … Read more

9 Best Methods Of Cutting Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles Ceramic tiles are very popular among many homeowners due to their versatility, durability, beauty, and affordability. While working with ceramic tiles, you will always need to cut them at some point.  With professional tile saws, cutting ceramic tiles becomes easier than you might think. The method and tool you will use in cutting will depend on … Read more