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How To Clean Your Tile Floors

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Tile flooring plays a key role in any homeoffice. Well-cleaned floors go a long way in enhancing the decor of the house. Also, clean surfaces keep diseases at bay. This is why many homeowners pay close attention to floor cleaning. However, most people lag behind and don't get much success. On the flip side, certain folks enjoy efficient cleaning. So, what could be the reason for effective cleanup? These individuals follow a disciplined approach to maintain the sheen of their floor.

Tips to clean tile floors

Some people just broom their flooring to get rid of dirt and dust. However, broom cleaning isn't the best way to get the desired results. It only removes dry dirt. What about stuck dust? You may also want to eliminate wet debris from the surface. Such debris and dust can't be removed easily. You need to follow a better and more complete approach. Here are handy tips on cleaning tile floors.


Cleaning porcelain or ceramic tile floors

Get rid of loose debris

Some people take up the cleaning procedure during their weekends. Most of them fail at removing dry dirt, forget about wet debris. You can't expect a pristine floor by applying a blue moon day cleaning approach. Rather, you need a regular approach. It's advised to do the job once in every two days. That should ease and speed up the process.

Debris can be categorized as dry and wet elements. Removing dry elements is easy. However, you need a different approach to remove wax buildup and other wet elements. Start your cleaning tenure with dry dust. A high-quality broom should help out. You may also use a vacuum cleaner to pick dry dirt. The choice is all yours.


Choose the best floor mop

Vacuuming or sweeping paves the path for pristine floors. However, wet and stuck dirt and debris are difficult to wipe out. You need to invest more time and effort to clear them. So, how do you do that?

First of all, choose a good-quality floor mop. The market is flooded with a wide range of floor mops. You could get lost when picking a mop. Sponge mop, chamois-style mop, and rag mops are the most commonly preferred models. However, rags and chamois-style models are a better bet. Don't choose a sponge mop as it litters water in grout lines.


Pick the right detergent for washing

Once you choose a mop, pick a quality detergent. Make sure you go for a mild detergent. Your best option would be detergent meant for tile flooring. Using water and detergent, wash the floor surface effectively.

Use a mop to collect dirt and water after washing. Place the mop on wet flooring. The mop should collect water along with debris. Squeeze out excess water from the mop. This will ensure that it's damp, not soaking. Repeat the mopping process again and again until you cover the complete floor.

Change the water too often; otherwise, dirty water will give a cloudy looking floor. As you rinse the mop, water gets cloudier. Dump this dirty water and use fresh water to avoid leaving a film of grime on the floor. If you find haze after cleaning, make a mixture of hot water and vinegar and run a damp piece of cloth or rug on the film to clean it.


Clean the grout

Grout cleaning is a tedious and difficult chore. Grout tends to be porous and absorbs stains such as greases and other items. You need to pay more attention to clean dirt from grout. Don’t use commercial cleaners for grout. You won't attain much success. The use of water and baking soda paste is the best way to clean grout.

Rub the paste on stains. Allow it to sit there for a few hours. Scrub the area with a nylon brush to remove wax buildup and other stains. Never use a metal brush as it'll damage the grout. Repeat the scrubbing process until the stains get completely removed. Apply a sealer (silicone-based) on the grout to keep it from future stains.


Cleaning natural stone or marble tile floors

Marble, granite, or slate tile floors could be cleaned in the same manner as ceramic and porcelain tiles. However, you need to take certain precautions and care to do the job efficiently.

Instead of a regular broom, use a soft-bristled broom for the sweeping task. Natural stone tiles get easily scratched with hard brooms. So note this point when choosing a broom. Also, take proper care when sweeping and leave no room for dry dirt.

Besides this, use the right kind of cleaner for your floor. Marble and slate tiles can't sustain anything that's acidic. If you use vinegar, marble and slate tiles may get damaged. Also, be extra cautious when cleaning granite tile flooring. Granite needs a mild (pH-neutral) detergent; otherwise, the tiles will get discolored.


Cleaning Linoleum or Vinyl tile floors

Linoleum and vinyl floors are cost-effective alternatives to expensive ceramic and stone tiles. However, their upkeep is extremely important. Never use a steam mop for linoleum and vinyl tiles as they can't withstand extreme moisture and heat.

Consequently, the flooring will get damaged and you may have to make a quick replacement.

Dan Dan the Carpet Man has the experts to help you clean your tile and grout professionally.

For Vinyl - After sweeping the vinyl floor, mop it with a manufacturer-endorsed cleaning solution. Never use abrasive cleaners as they could scratch the floor.







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