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How To Use Tiles Creatively In Modern Homes

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use of tiles

use of tiles

The average cost of installing tiles ranges from $15 to $20 per square foot with materials and installation included, according to Home Advisor. This may vary if you will be the one doing the cutting and installation or if you will be hiring a pro. Installing tiles on the floors or even on the walls may contribute to increasing your property’s overall value. And since there are different types of tiles available, you can get creative on how you install them. Here’s how to use tiles creatively in modern homes.

Appreciating The Natural Effect

Bringing nature inside the home is now possible thanks to inkjet technology, which is used in designing tiles. What this means is that porcelain tiles can now mimic the look of wood, stone, marble, and even concrete among others. Compared to ceramic, porcelain tiles are easier to maintain and can last longer too. These tiles can be mixed and matched to create depth and texture in any room.


Decorative Art Deco

Fan-shaped art deco tiles can create a focal point in any room of the house. The rounded or curved designs of these tiles can be the perfect backdrop in the living room or even in the bathroom if you are planning on remodeling your space. For homeowners who want to skip using the same solid or geometric patterns, this is a good option to consider as they come in bold and trendy designs fit for modern homes.


Warmth Of Moroccan Design

Moroccan style is known for its warmth, intricate designs, and vibrant colors. This makes them a nice addition to the house. If you are tired of seeing plain-colored walls or flooring, choosing Moroccan inspired tiles can give the space a pop of color. This can be used to create a focal point in the room. To do this, select a single element in the room and apply colorful tiles in a design of your choosing.


Go Big And Bold

Large tiles can make any room appear larger and become a real head-turner, depending on the style of the tile you choose. With minimal grout lines, the walls will have the look and feel of a five-star hotel. Large-format porcelain tiles come in a variety of designs and styles which can be paired with natural-looking tiles to complement one another. You can go for indulgent black or emerald green as they add elegance to the walls or floors where they are placed.

Installing tiles in any part of your home can help liven up the space. If your current theme is back to nature, choosing marble, granite, or even stone tiles are highly recommended. On the other hand, if you wish to make your space cozier or have more warmth, Moroccan inspired tiles can be used, or go for something fun like art deco tiles. Big and bold tiles are known to make any room spacious and stylish at the same time. So, whichever you go, don’t be afraid to go bold and use tiles creatively in your modern home.



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