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9 Best Methods Of Cutting Ceramic Tile

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Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are very popular among many homeowners due to their versatility, durability, beauty, and affordability.

While working with ceramic tiles, you will always need to cut them at some point.

 With professional tile saws, cutting ceramic tiles becomes easier than you might think.

The method and tool you will use in cutting will depend on the number of tiles and the kind of cut you want.

Knowing how to cut a tile will save you money and ensure you have tile cuts exactly the style and size that you have in mind. Below are nine methods that you can use in cutting tiles.

1. Using a Tile Nipper

It is not all the time you want a straight cut on ceramic tiles. In a case where you want an irregular cut on tiles, a tile nipper can be of great help.

You can use a tile nipper to make one or half-inch distant cuts for making scrolling lines, small cutouts, and notches.


2. Using a Glass Cutter

If the cutting task is not complex and curvy, you can use a glass cutter to have your job done using the following steps;

  • Measure and draw a straight line on the area you want to cut using a pencil.
  • Place the tile on a hard surface, place the square a little bit off the line. Press down the glass cutter and move it along the line using the square as your reference.
  • You can easily snap the tile along the line and then smoothen the edges of the tile to reduce its sharpness.


3. Using an Angle Grinder

Whenever you want angular cuts, you can use the angle grinder using the following steps;

  • Fit the tile tightly into the grinder and use a pencil to draw a line along the area you want to cut.
  • Cover the edges with tape to avoid chipping
  • Press the angler grinder gently and cut along the surface and the line that you marked
  • Hold the blade horizontally against the edge for rounded cuts and vertically for straight cuts.


4. Using a Rotary Cutting Tool

Rotary cutting tools are used to make holes at the center of tiles or making cuts at the edges.

It has a blade that works like a drill and moves very fast. It does not produce perfect straight cuts but will fulfill your job.


5. Using a Jigsaw

A jigsaw can also be used to cut ceramic tiles, especially when making angled cuts and notches. A jigsaw can make straight cuts, but you must do these two things;

  • Ensure the tile is fitted to the working bench properly before any cutting
  • Sprinkle water on the tile as you cut to avoid overheating.

6. Use of a Power Drill

A power drill can be used to make holes along the diameter of the hole you want to cut. You can use a tile saw to cut along the holes and then use a tile filer to smoothen the edges.


7. Wet Tile Saw

This wet tile cutting saw is designed with a water-cooled diamond blade for quick and precise cutting.

This blade is ideal for delicate cutting works since it does not have teeth.


8. Manual Snap Cutter

The manual snap cutter is among the handiest and affordable tile cutting tools.

You can use it to cut ceramic tiles by marking the tile, placing the tile firmly in the front guide, lifting it to scour the tile, and pressing the handler to snap the tile.


9. Tile Scribe

The tile scribe uses a tungsten carbide that allows it to cut almost all tiles. You can cut tiles using a tile scribe in the following procedure;

  • Mark the tile where you want to cut and use another tile on the marked tile as a straight edge
  • Press the scribe on the tile and move it along the line until the end
  • Press down the unwanted piece of tile to snap it



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