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Top Five Uses for Rotary Tools

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Anyone who’s ever worked in a workshop knows that, at some point, they’re going to need a tool they don’t own. Even the best stocked workshops out there can’t hold every kind of tool particularly when some are only needed from time to time.

Anyone who’s ever worked in a workshop knows what to do in that situation: You break out the rotary tool.

This powerful little tool is as versatile as they come, as they can be equipped with all kinds of attachments. It’s precisely this versatility what makes the rotary tool an indispensable option, as it allows you to cut, polish, sand, drill, carve, sharpen, shape, engrave and much, much more.

But a great tool is useless if you don’t know what to use it for which is why I’m going to share with you the Top Five Uses for rotary tools.

Let’s get started!


Rotary tools are better suited for detail work, which is why you’re better off using a sander if you’re planning to work on something big.


If what you’re looking for is working on moldings or small details then the rotary tool has your back.

Sanding attachments come in various forms, such as discs, bands, flap wheels and an even abrasive buff which means you can get all sorts of results using the same tool.

Engraving or Carving

This is the kind of task rotary tools excel in. Their small size and variety of attachments will help you work on decorative designs, frames and more.

Rotary tools have attachments to work with wood and attachment to work with metal so you don’t have to worry about the tools being “too h2” or “not h2 enough”

You can find attachments to work on the tiniest details in case the main tool is too bulky for your taste.


Use the grinding attachments for when you need to eliminate sharp edges or when you need to create them!


You can use your rotary tool both to grind sharp edges into submission when you’re working with metal or to sharpen your knives for when you choose to work in the kitchen.

You can also use your grinding attachments to clean up old tools, grind down carved details or to help you shape plastic or polymers.


Rotary Tools Cutting

Rotary tools give you the choice between cutting with wheels or straight bits, which can help you work both on big and small things.

Cut drywall, wood or other light materials with the straight bits or use the cut off wheels to detail your metal work or to trim plastic.

You can get pretty good cutting attachments in most general kits but you can also get kits exclusively designed to cut. It’s your choice!


When I say rotary tools can be used for a lot of things I mean a lot of things and that includes cleaning.

You can find wire brushes, polishing points, polishing wheels and more. Use these to clean your tools, your silverware and even your jewelry.

Who said rotary tools were only for the workshop?

The strength of rotary tools comes from their versatility which means there are many, many more attachments out there. We can’t speak of every single one (or else this guide would be much longer) but you can go out, get yourself an attachment kit and find out all the doors your rotary tool can open.

Got any other uses for your rotary tool attachments? Let us know!





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