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Things You Need To Consider Before Hiring A Tile Installer

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Tile Flooring

Tile Flooring

Tile installation in NY is a very crucial and demanding job, that requires years of experience and hard work to complete even a single project. This will bring beauty from the inside and out of your home, with your preference. Many households tend to install tiles their way but end up a failure.

However, a professional tile installer can do better than DIY projects. The reason is experts shall easily achieve the right tile patterns the fastest way possible because they have done proper training to do so. Unlike DIY tiling that might end up ruining your floor then adding up cost from time to time.

There are important factors to consider the best tile installer for your home. Before deciding who to hire when it comes to your tile installation, it is essential that you put into consideration things to know if they are really qualified for the role.

Here are some of the top elements to consider to ensure that the tile installer is really an expert on his field:

Ask for Tiling Experience                                           

Tile installation may seem easy to do, but not all tile installers can be trusted. Some homeowners tend to hire general carpenters to finish the job or just anyone available to work. That is a mistake and can add up costs in the long run.

Experience matters in hiring a tile installer. It must be at least three years to ensure the best outcome. The person should have diverse tiling experience in different parts of the house. Each part may require a different kind of tiling installation the tile installer should know.

Seek for Professional’s Recommendation

Looking for recommendations for the best tile installer starts during tile shopping. To canvass for your tiles choice, come with contractors, architects, designers, and other people involved. These people have a deeper understanding of any tile material which will help for your project.

The contractors might know qualified tile installers you can hire and can fully trust. They can give you a list of reputable people for your tile project.

Another best source for tile installers is a commercial instructor who works with commercial buildings, where a majority of tiles are used. Then, they will know the best techniques for installing tiles.

The last option is to ask the other households if they can recommend tile experts to work for you.

Look for a Licensed Tile Installer

Hiring a tile installer is a big responsibility for homeowners. Verify its expertise by checking both substance and form to certify its license to work with you.

First thing is to ask the installer if he or she is a member of any tile organization, for example, the Tiles and Tiling Industry Association of Australia (TTIAA). This is to ensure you are working with a professional in finishing your project well.

TTIAA is providing tile industry standards to protect consumers. It assures that the tile installer will remain committed to his work professionally until finishing the project.

TTIIAA also prepares a full update of the latest techniques in the tiling industry for the members. This shall help tile installers to improve their skills for the service. 

Ask Basic Questions

After collecting a list of potential tile installers, add to your list some essential questions to verify their capabilities.

  • Ask the number of working days when they can finish the project.
  • Ask the number of tiles needed to finish the project.
  • Ask the workforce needed.
  • Ask about their past accomplishments or projects.

The details you will collect are a huge help to finally identify whom to hire. It touches up the competency level of the tile installer, together with its skills, experiences, and level of professionalism. Do not worry as the good one will give the right answers to depend on.

The tile installer cannot be an expert on everything about tile installation. Knowing there are different tile installation projects, either format tile or wood-look installations, choose the tile installer suitable for your project. This is to avoid trial and error, as well as greater costs in the future.

Tile Installer’s Portfolio

The portfolio contains the tile installer’s completed projects. In other words, it is great evidence of how excellent the installer is. Tile installer then must be ready to share its portfolio with the clients all the time.

It consists of photos, which you can check on if it meets your standards. Observe the level of neatness and proper tile placement, and ensure no lippage. The spacing of the tiles also matters, so better double-check on the photos.

Look closely at the tile installment on doors, windows, and corners. See if there are gaps or too much grout on it.

If the tile installer cannot provide a portfolio right away, check its social media pages. They post their work on social media most of the time to reach more clients.


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