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The Very Best Screen Mirroring Android Apps

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With the increasing number of connected devices, the importance of casting them on one another has also grown. Today, it becomes quite convenient if certain media files can be cast to a larger or smaller screen depending upon the need. A good internet connection such as Spectrum mobile plans or the likes is, however, required. This blog discusses the best screen mirroring Android apps so you can access any media file on any type of device conveniently!


BubbleUPnP comes with a good user interface along with many features. You can connect it to Chromecast, Nexus Player, Nvidia Shield, and DLNA TVs, etc. The fact that it can work on Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick adds to its usability.

The app comes with many good features. It allows users to access their media stored over Google Drive, Photos, and Dropbox. Other than this, the app also supports some third-party cloud-based apps. A pro version of the app is also available on the app store and you can purchase it to access all features.


LocalCast for Chromecast can also be used with most Smart TVs, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV. With that said, the app comes with a few exclusive features for Chromecast. These include zooming in and out, panning over the screen, and changing the screen orientation. If you’re using the app only for Chromecast or Apple then you can also avail the useful feature of opensubtitle.org integration.


An app that comes with a minimalist user interface and supports large icons, it is easy to use for all age groups. The ease of access that comes with this app is highly commendable and you can spot the buttons for videos, photos, and music, etc quite conveniently. This app is great for family-oriented individuals. Sit down with your family and enjoy looking at each other’s photos and videos.

This app is ideal if you want to watch self-made videos or photos on your TV screen. You can download the app from the Amazon AppStore if you have an Amazon Fire device.

Cast to TV

Cast to TV is easy to understand and simple. You can use it to cast your smartphone on your TV and enjoy watching your favorite TV show or movie. This android mirroring app comes with a neat user interface to provide you a smooth experience. Just make sure to connect your smartphone and TV to the same network and you’re good to go!

The application does not disappoint with its range of compatibility. It supports most streaming devices. The app also supports gaming consoles, Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and more. See? The value proposition of this app is truly at par with all the other aforementioned apps.

Using the app is relatively easier than most mirroring apps. Just tap the app icon and select the media you want to cast. Select the device you want to view it on and you’re done. You can get the app from the Play Store.

Mirroring360 Sender

Gaming is quite popular these days. And with Facebook Gaming becoming quite popular, more and more individuals want to have their social streaming channels. This is where Mirroring360 Sender comes into play with its unique offerings. The developers have created it to facilitate gaming streams like no other app. It does live up to the expectations as well as it can stream your game with little to no effect on quality.

Another amazing feature that this app comes with is its ability to cast TV on smartphones. Yes, you read that right. You can do both. Either cast your smartphone on the TV or cast your TV on your smartphone. Cool, right? Furthermore, this app is compatible with many different TVs so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. Splashtop has developed this app and it is no wonder this app excels in cross-functionality since the company is already known for developing such solutions.  Read more here contentpond







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