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Top 5 Android Parental Control Apps

android parental control apps

One of the most difficult tasks for parents is to protect their children from inappropriate apps and content on Android tablets or phones. As they are downloading every app onto their phones, it is difficult to keep tabs on what apps your children use. This article will list the top five Android parental control apps … Read more

How To Refurbish Your Mobile Phone

smartphone In our current society, mobile phones are a necessity, and this was made even more true by the COVID-19 lockdown. Mobile phones soon became one of our only means of communicating with people outside of our household. As a result, they have become a crutch of socializing, meaning that our phones need to be … Read more

The Very Best Screen Mirroring Android Apps

mobile phone

mobile phoneWith the increasing number of connected devices, the importance of casting them on one another has also grown. Today, it becomes quite convenient if certain media files can be cast to a larger or smaller screen depending upon the need. A good internet connection such as Spectrum mobile plans or the likes is, however, … Read more