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How To Refurbish Your Mobile Phone

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In our current society, mobile phones are a necessity, and this was made even more true by the COVID-19 lockdown. Mobile phones soon became one of our only means of communicating with people outside of our household. As a result, they have become a crutch of socializing, meaning that our phones need to be in great condition.

 Refurbishing your mobile phone is a great way to ensure that it is performing to the best of its ability. Alternatively, if you are considering selling your old phone, you will make a lot more profit from a refurbished model.

What is Phone Refurbishment?

The process of phone refurbishment is bringing a previously owned phone as close to its original state as possible. Once a phone has been refurbished, it is often graded from pristine to good.

A pristine refurbished phone’s condition is as good as new, a very good refurbished phone has minimal wear and tear but still works perfectly well, and a good refurbished phone has blemishes that can be covered by a case but the phone itself works perfectly well.

But how do you go about refurbishing your phone for sale or personal use?


Step One

Firstly, you need to establish to what extent your phone requires refurbishment. You should inspect your screen for scratches or cracks and examine the battery and its components such as the DC to DC converter. Additionally, if your phone has buttons, you should check that they are in working order and also ensure that the phone’s casing is intact.

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 Step Two

As a rule of thumb, buying a phone of the same model as the one you are refurbishing will be cheaper than purchasing multiple separate parts. It does not matter if this phone is also broken, as long as the replacement parts that you need are still in working order.


Step Three

Next, you will need to replace the broken pieces by removing your phone’s battery and back cover. You will need to use a small screwdriver to unscrew the back plate and look out for screws that are hidden under decals. Screws should be removed until the plate lifts off easily to prevent any damage to the phone’s body. You will also need to remove your front plate, remove the screen, and any buttons (if your phone has them).

Then, you will need to replace your phone’s existing pieces with the corresponding pieces from the second phone. Once you have done this, you can reattach the front and back plates. If these are also damaged, you can replace them with the ones from the second phone.


Step Four

Battery life often depletes as a result of corroded and dirty connections; therefore, you should clean these connections. You will need to dip a clean cotton cloth in rubbing alcohol and wipe the connectors on the battery and inside the phone. After this, you should allow the phone to dry before the battery is reinserted.


Step Five

Penultimately, you will need to take the back cover from the second phone and place it onto your phone.


Step Six

Finally, you will need to replace your phone’s SIM card and battery. Once you have done this, you should call someone to ensure that it is properly functioning.



If all goes well, you will now have a virtually new mobile phone at your disposal. The prices of brand-new smartphones are extortionate, and they are constantly increasing in price. Therefore, this is a way to get that new phone feeling without breaking the bank. This is a thrifty solution to your modern mobile needs.