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5 Signs That You Have Air Conditioner Electrical Wiring Problem

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Air Conditioner- Smell

Air Conditioner- Smell

A closer look at the components that make up an air conditioner reveals a complex system that would take time to figure out. When confronted with a potential AC electrical wiring problem, it would be in your best interest to seek the help of an expert like Anderson Air. Of course, before calling in an expert, you must have seen a few issues.

Keeping your eyes and ears open when you have electrical appliances running your home should happen automatically. Taking note of signs of electrical wiring problems when they show up is essential for multiple reasons. The most important reason is that your safety might depend on it.

AC electrical problems present a fire hazard that can be dangerous and costly for you as a homeowner. It’s hard to miss signs that there is a wiring problem in your air conditioner. Reading through the manual once you have installed it should provide some insight.

Signs That You Have Air Conditioner Electrical Wiring Problems

As you keep an eye out for potential electrical wiring problems, it’s essential to know the main electrical components in an AC. The electrical parts of your AC are primarily responsible for ensuring temperature control. Some of the elements within these parts connect to the wiring, including the following:

  • Capacitors
  • Relays
  • Contactors
  • Motor

Let’s take a look at the signs you should keep an eye out for as a homeowner.


1. Trippy Circuit Breaker

Manufacturers place circuit breakers in ACs and other electrical appliances for safety reasons. They prevent fire outbreaks in case your device malfunctions.

It’s not normal for your air conditioner to be running perfectly one minute and then shut down the next. This event occurs when a circuit breaker trips due to fluctuating voltage on it. It often occurs when the motor in the blower fan threatens to overwork the circuit.

If you change your filter every one to three months, you can help eliminate such signs. A trippy circuit breaker could be a sign of a variety of issues within an AC.

The circuit breakers panel could be malfunctioning as well. If you have the training to handle electrical appliance issues, you can go ahead and check all three parts that could cause trippy circuit breakers.


2. Faulty Capacitors

Capacitors are an essential component within the electrical system in an AC. Their primary role is to ensure that there is enough electrical charge to send to the motor. The power transmitted by capacitors is sufficient enough to keep the motor running.

Capacitors are of different varieties, and there is a specific variety for use in AC. As time goes by, there is the possibility of capacitors losing their ability to hold a charge. The result is that you will have a hard time starting your AC.

Take that as a sign that your AC has a wiring problem. This conclusion is from the fact that capacitors are also part of the wiring in your AC. An expert can help you further to identify the wiring issue.

You will also get suggestions on how to take care of it. The most probable solution you will end up settling for is replacing the old capacitors with new ones.


3. Exposed Wiring

Exposed wires near the AC unit are a safety issue. When you have your unit installed and notice that some wires are left susceptible to the elements, there is a wiring issue. Once you see the exposed wiring, it’s only wise to take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety.

Faulty wiring can quickly start fires besides possibly electrocuting you. Also, your AC could get damaged if live wires come into contact with water or another live wire. After noticing evidence of exposed wires in your AC, you should let it push you to check for more exposed wires in your AC.

When checking for more exposed wires, try not to touch anything. Some cables are hard to notice. If you are not confident about your detective skills, you can contact an expert to examine your unit.


4. Loose Connection

The best way to know that your AC unit has loose connectionism is when it keeps going off randomly. You might discover that you have to apply some pressure on your AC in a particular way to get it to work. That’s an honest indicator that there is a wiring problem with your AC.

It’s common for ACs to have loose connection issues. Rusty wires could be the reason for loose connections. Loose connection issues are likely to take over your AC if you fail to have it maintained regularly. Your technician can quickly identify potential wiring issues that could cause loose connections during maintenance. 


5. Malfunctioning Compressor

A compressor is responsible for most of the work that the AC does. For instance, a compressor ensures that the refrigerants extract heat from the air. Given that it performs all the significant roles in AC, it’s only sensible that it is extra fortified to handle the work.

A malfunctioning compressor will delay starting when you switch, which is one of the signs that you have a wiring problem. Besides failing to start, you might also hear screeching noises coming from the outdoor cabinet.

The central part of a compressor is the motor which is responsible for ensuring that the compressor functions correctly. That amount of burden is guaranteed to cause the motor to malfunction eventually. If the motor gets damaged, your solution will be to replace the compressor entirely.


Final Word

Identifying the signs that you have air conditioner electrical wiring problems is easy. It’s helpful to know the parts of your AC that get most affected when there is a fault in the wiring. Calling a technician to sort out wiring issues is always a good idea for safety reasons. Ensure that you turn off your AC when you discover the wiring problems.