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Gas Heater Maintenance Tips To Keep It In Peak Condition

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gas heater

gas heater

Keep your furnace in peak conditions with these furnace maintenance tips.

Many homeowners in Perth consider gas heating services a waste of money. This causes many households to forgo a service to save a little money, but this is a wrong decision that may result in much higher costs later on. 

After all, most people would not hesitate to service their vehicle to guarantee that it is safe to drive and would not break down when they need it the most. A heating system is a significant investment for your interior comfort. Regular maintenance is required to ensure its safety and efficiency.

The Importance of Regular Servicing

Residents will have a safer house when they get frequent gas heater maintenance. Carbon monoxide (CO2), a very deadly gas, can leak from a gas heater. During maintenance, a series of thorough inspections are performed, with the detection of gas leaks being the most critical. The expert will thoroughly inspect the heating system during a service visit, identifying many minor faults before growing into more serious ones.

Because repairing a small problem is usually less expensive than performing a more comprehensive repair makes financial sense. A well-maintained heating system is much less likely to fail during times of need, and the usable life of the heating equipment can be significantly extended. Each year that your heating system operates efficiently is another year you avoid investing in a new system.

According to HVAC experts in Perth, you should do a thorough checkup of your gas heater and proper maintenance once a year. A licensed gas heater service should do the service. You can get expert gas heater services in Perth. They will help install and maintain the heater's condition, particularly when it is most needed during the winter season.

The following are some of the finest heater maintenance tips for keeping the heat on and the cold out.


Cleaning or Replacing Filter

The filter in your heater is critical to the process of distributing warm air throughout your home's rooms. Typically, a heater filter is placed at the point where the return duct enters the heater. It filters particles from the air before it enters and is heated by the heating equipment. A heater filter will trap and remove various particles, including dust, pollen, pet dander, germs, and spores.

Filters are relatively inexpensive yet offer enough protection. More costly air filters provide better air quality, which is beneficial for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

If a filthy air filter restricts airflow, the heater will run inefficiently. Cheap air filters should be replaced every thirty to ninety days. Disposable pleated air filters that are more costly can last three months or longer, depending on the quality of your heater.


Ensure Functionality of Blower Motor

The blower motor powers the fan that circulates the heater's air. The heating element of a heater warms the heat exchanger until it reaches the required temperature. At this point, the air is forced through the heat exchanger by the blower motor. This heats and circulates the air throughout the house. Apart from supplying air for the heater, most heater blowers also provide air for the air conditioning system.

The blower motor has many functioning components and, if not properly maintained, may begin to fail. A loud heater blower indicates a problem with the blower's electric motor or the blower wheel. High-pitched shrill noises indicate the grinding of two metal surfaces against one another. This can be caused by the blower wheel detaching from the blower motor's shaft and rubbing against the interior housing. 

Generally, a loud buzzing implies an electrical issue. A skilled technician can assist you in identifying the cause and making necessary adjustments before the equipment starts to degrade.


Reduce Heating Load

Any vulnerability in the structure of your house allows for the infiltration of cold winter air and the escape of warm air. Sealing your home's envelope lowers the heat load or the amount of heat required to keep your home pleasantly warm. An HVAC professional from Perth can do a home energy audit to discover the leading causes of heating load in your house.

A heating expert can also identify where your house has the most issues and assist you in determining the ideal locations for renovations using sophisticated equipment and infrared cameras. Weatherstripping windows and doors, sealing and insulating ductwork, and adding insulation to the attic are all examples of projects.


Ensure Air Flow of Vents

To ensure the efficient operation of your heating system, the air in your home must flow fully throughout the system. This indicates that your heater should be completely functional. Additionally, this indicates that your vents are clean and functioning correctly. 

Are all vents in your home open, set to enable free air passage, and clear of obstructions such as furniture, boxes, or other household items? Closing or obstructing a vent can force the heater to work harder and more inefficiently, ultimately causing it to fail prematurely.


Remove Flammable Objects

Typically, homeowners in Perth place heaters in a separate part of the house, like the basement, a crawl space, or a storage room. However, your heater was not intended to function in the presence of storage containers. Therefore, anything combustible like clothing, paint, aerosols, gasoline, or boxes should never be stored near your heater.


Clean Vents and Ductwork

As with any system, your whole heating and cooling system should be cleaned and serviced regularly to guarantee proper operation. At the start of each season, take a brief stroll around. Is access to all vents possible? Are the nearby floors clean and free of dirt, pet hair, dust, and paper scraps? Whatever is contained inside the vents has the potential to migrate down into the ducting, reducing efficiency. Remove residues and clean up any messes that arise around them using a vacuum. 



A gas heater's maintenance and cleaning are easy. A gas heater also does not cost a lot to keep in working order. Contact professionals for gas heater services if your heater ever gives you trouble or you are experiencing issues. Make sure to stay on the safe side. To get the most use out of your gas heater, follow the maintenance tips given above.







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