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Gas Leaks: 5 Things You Need To Do Right Away

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gas stove fire

gas stove fire

A lot of homeowners find natural gas to be an effective source of energy to run household energy needs. Although this kind of power source is most useful during the cold seasons to cut back energy costs, homeowners are actually receiving the benefits all year round. Thus, it’s no question why so many people rely on this commodity to fulfil and meet the demands of energy use in the home. Moreover, gas is cheaper than electricity which means that every resident can enjoy convenience and comfort without having to worry so much about power cost.

Needless to say, natural gas is safe, efficient and cost-saving if installed and used properly. However, there are serious risks that must be considered and paid attention to, especially in the event of a gas leak. A gas leak can happen for several reasons, including poorly maintained or faulty appliances, pipe corrosions and even tree root growth that damages the pipelines. Hence, to prevent gas leak, it is very crucial to have a professional examine and regularly maintain your gas pipes and appliances such as a gas heater for repair. When using this appliance, there are safety protocols that must be followed in order to prevent unwanted accidents and injuries including carbon monoxide poisoning and explosion. On that account,  if you have any apprehensions about your gas heater,  you have to seek the help of your local gas heater service professionals. They will take care of all the important maintenance tasks to ensure safety and comfort. Read on to learn some of the most essential tips to consider during a gas leak situation.

1. Turn Off The Main Gas Tap

One of the first things that you need to do is to turn off the main gas switch. It is very crucial to shut off the main supply of gas in order to prevent any further complication. When you fail to cut off the main supply, the gas may travel to other areas in your house and contaminate every corner. When this happens, you and your family will be exposed to gas poisoning and expose your health to its hazardous effects.  It is also important that you must be alert and focus on what is happening in your surroundings so that you can easily detect any pungent smell associated with gas leak.


2. Stop Using Electrical Devices Turn Off All Gas-Powered Appliances

A small amount of leak should never be neglected, instead, it should be given high attention. When you suspect a gas leak, you must stop using any electrical devices because a small spark can ignite explosions. Moreover, it’s hard to determine how severe the leak is, which is why it is better not to underestimate the situation. When your devices or lights are already turned on, it is wise to leave them as they are because this could minimise the risks of explosion. On the other hand, if your devices are already turned on, leave them as they are and never use them. Likewise, turn off your gas-powered appliances so that it will not threaten your safety.


3. Open The Doors And Windows

When you detect a gas leak, open as many doors and windows as possible to let the gas escape. However, this should not be a priority especially if your safety or the safety of your family is compromised. Leaving the doors and windows open can highly reduce the risk of contamination and explosion. And since it is hard to detect a gas leak,  it is recommended to install a natural gas detector to help you respond immediately in such an emergency.


4. Evacuate Immediately

This is important to preserve your safety during a gas leak situation. You should always trust your instinct if something around you does not feel right. A gas leak can harm your senses, and symptoms like nausea, headache, and dizziness are noticeable. Hence, it is wise to leave  your property immediately and ask for help. Never attempt to retrieve your personal belongings because this will only delay you from leaving the premise. The last thing that you want to experience is getting caught in the middle of a gas leak explosion.


5. Contact Professionals To Avert The Situation

Once you are safe outside your home, you should immediately contact your gas company to deal with the emergency situation. Moreover, you need someone to assess and maintain the integrity of your gas system. In this case, hire your local plumbing company to deliver an effective and efficient service.  They have professionals that can assess your home, inspect your gas line pipes, and repair any damage. More importantly, they carry the necessary equipment to repair any damage.


Final Say

A gas leak can be terrifying unless handled properly. It is essential to prepare for such an emergency and this can be achieved through knowing what to do when the situation finally happens.



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