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Ways Fall Flooding Can Attract Pests

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Ways Fall Flooding Can Attract Pests

Ways Fall Flooding Can Attract Pests

Fall flooding attracts various pests such as rats, termites, and ants. There is an increase in flies, mosquitoes, wasps, and other insects too. Effective pest control services and options at can help you keep pests at bay. Knowing how fall flooding attracts household pests can help you to take preventive measures before floods. There are many ways to control pests. Through reviews and seeking professional help in pest control, you can find effective pest control methods.

Ways fall flooding attracts pests


1. Floods destroy ecosystems

During the rainy season, floods are a common occurrence on the streets and lower grounds. The powerful floods can flush out ants and termites out of their nests and affect their ecosystem. The floating colonies on top of the floods are a common feature during the fall season. Homes along the floodways are at more risk as the pests invade them in search of food, warmth, and dry ground. You have to put measures such as pest repellers, planting plants that repel pests, or spraying pesticides around your home to deter them. You can do this at points of entrance such as cracks on the walls, openings on the windows and doors, and through bathroom and kitchen drainage systems. Floods also contribute to wood rot that provides food to ants and termites that make it easier to reproduce faster. The pets may move to the dry and warm ground in your house in search of more food and shelter from wet conditions.


2. Burst and overflowing sewer lines

Drainage system issues are a common problem caused by fall flooding. It may force out the sewer rats that may seek refuge in your home. Bust sewers are also breeding grounds for mosquitoes, flies, and other pests. Additionally, burst sewer runs may damage your kitchen garden and make it conducive for breeding pests. Ensuring that plumbing around your home drainage systems works perfectly well may be an effective preventive measure of future wastewater flooding. For homes surrounded by wooden beams, sewer water may saturate it and cause rotting. That provides an ideal environment for fungi and mold to grow. This can pose serious health problems to you and your family members.


3. Floods are a perfect breeding environment for pests

There is an increase in pests, especially mosquitoes, flies, and cockroaches, in the fall season. The stagnant floodwaters are ideal for mosquitoes to breed and this increases their infestation. But cleaning up your home and the backyard, draining stagnant water around your home, and using pest control methods can help you combat such infestation. For an all-natural pest control method, you may get electronic repellers that plug on the walls or any other ideal location in any room, and this will repel pests.

If you relocateafter floods, it is advisable to clean up first because pests and wild animals may still be trapped in the house. Again, there will be moisture around your home for some time after the floods. Pest control services and modern pest control devices are the most effective ways to keep pests at bay.