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Five Ways To Spruce Up Your Garden In No Time

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Garden Lights

Garden Lights

Is your garden looking a bit worse for wear lately? Maybe it’s seen better days and you want to get it back to its former glory, but you don’t quite know where to start. Whatever the case is, having an unkept garden is easy to achieve but hard to tackle, and it can really get you down.

The last thing anyone wants is their neighbors whispering to each other about how poor your garden looks. If yours is in need of an overhaul but you’re pressed for time, here are some quick and easy ways you can spruce up your outdoor space.

1. Paint / repair the fence

First and foremost, you should look to repair and/or paint your fence. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference refining the perimeter of your garden can have on the overall aesthetic of it, especially if yours is in dire need of replacing. If your fence has no structural issues, adding a layer of paint in a light grey, pastel pink, or pale green/blue color will instantly upgrade your outdoor space and make it look more cared for. Painting it once a year should be enough to keep it looking pristine.


2. Add potted plants

Many people are not green thumbed and struggle to keep plants alive. Potted plants are a good option for those who struggle with bedded plants because they’re often easier to look after and to keep trimmed. It also means you don’t need to dig up certain areas of your lawn to make room, even more so if you have concrete tiles or gravel and don’t have the time or money to pull it all up.

You can get lots of low maintenance potted plants that look good and require minimal looking after, and adding a few of these around your garden will automatically bring it to life.


3. Fix the lawn

Most people have grass in their garden, but despite being so common, grass can actually be incredibly difficult to maintain. Any shaded areas will likely die out, but in contrast, any areas that are constantly exposed to the sun will also die out. In a similar manner, if you have furniture or equipment like trampolines on your garden, the lawn underneath will suffer. The same goes for if you have pets who favor a particular area for the toilet or who like to dig.

When your lawn looks raggedy, your whole garden will look bad. You can either use lawn seed to repair what’s there, or you can get fake grass. Whether you’re in the sunny California hills or drizzly London borough of Bexley, artificial lawn is a suitable option if you really don’t have the time to look after a lawn, or if yours is beyond repair.

Patio Plants

Patio Plants

4. Remove clutter

Gardens can quickly become a dumping ground for clutter such as bikes and odd bits and pieces that don’t belong in the house. An easy way to smarten up your yard is to remove the clutter, or encase it in a storage solution like a shed. It will generally take less than a day and will have the same impact as tidying a room in your house.


5. Install string lights

The final way you can spruce up your garden is to add atmosphere to it. You can do this through string lights. Lots of people add them around their whole garden; they will look particularly good on a newly painted fence. Alternatively, you can create a mezzanine style look by adding them overhead in one specific area. This will give a really glam and upmarket feel to your garden, and it takes just minutes to install.

There you have it – five ways to spruce up your garden! Will you be trying any of these to get your outdoor space looking sharp?







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