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3 Warning Signs That Your Outdoor Tiles Are Not Being Installed By A Pro

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Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

Outdoor tiles, unfortunately, aren't designed to survive indefinitely. You may also clean your floors to improve their appearance and extend their life, but there could be another reason why your outside tiles are cracking and looking bad. So, how are you going to find out? In this post, we'll go over three warning indicators that your outdoor tiles were not placed by a professional.

Tile flooring can last a very long time if they're properly maintained and placed. Natural stone (such as marble or granite) can last well over 100 years, whereas ceramic tile can readily survive 75 to 100 years. Tile offers the advantage of being able to replace a tile or a portion if a large stain or crack happens, but only if the tile you require is still available. If your tile is no longer available, you may need to replace the entire floor.

Here are some signs that your outdoor tiles were not put by professionals and when to replace it, whether you're looking at a single tile, a tiny portion, or an entire floor.

Chips And Cracks

Your tile could break due to a variety of factors. Sharp blows (even dropping a large pot or skillet), big loads (like your washer, dryer, or refrigerator), and other factors are common culprits. You can choose not to replace if only one or two tiles have minor cracks, but if a section cracks for no obvious reason, the foundation may be to blame, and it's a good idea to have it changed.



Your tiles may “tent” – literally come up – a little or a lot, depending on the joints, glue, and other items utilized in the installation procedure. If this happens (which might happen just weeks after installation), you'll have to replace or rebuild your tiles.


Tile That Isn't Tight

Tiles can come loose at any time. It could be a symptom of more significant structural difficulties, or it could be caused by faulty glue or grout. People walking across loose tiles are at risk, so you should replace at least one of them as soon as feasible. You should have your foundation evaluated if it's more than one tile.



Floors aren't designed to last indefinitely. You could want to replace your flooring because of their appearance, odors,  underlying difficulties, or they are not being installed by professional. Make sure to have your floors tested if you notice anything that could indicate foundation issues. Otherwise, the decision to change your flooring is entirely yours.

You should always hire professionals by reviewing them and questioning them. If they answer accordingly and satisfied your questions then you should consider them hiring. Otherwise you will end up having cracked, tented and loose tiles.

Ask your colleagues, family members or neighbors for recommendations. I’m sure you will not want another long session of tiles installation and you will not want extra money wasting for the same purpose.



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