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3 Signs An Elevator Is Potentially Dangerous

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It’s estimated that there over 900,000 elevators in the United States, with many high-rise buildings in the country using them, and so many of us use one several times a day without any second thought. Unfortunately, elevator accidents can occur, with as many as 17,000 Americans experiencing an injury every year.

While elevators may seem safe to use, they can malfunction and result in an injury or even death. If you rely on an elevator to get from floor to floor, here are some warning signs to look out for which could indicate there is something up with it.

Changes in Speed

If you’re used to riding an elevator every day, you will have an idea of how fast it goes up and down. However, if you notice the elevator is going too slow or faster than usual, a change in speed could signal a problem with the elevator. This is an issue that requires immediate attention, as frequent changes in speed could result in an injury. Whether you have your own elevator in the home or you use one at work, make sure you contact a professional right away.

Strange Sounds

When in an elevator, there will inevitably be sounds made when going up and down. However, if you notice a new sound that doesn’t seem familiar, this could be another indication that something is up. When you consider how many times you use a certain elevator, it’s easy to become used to the mechanisms and sounds, so if something sounds off, you should trust your gut and contact a professional. Any loud squealing, squeaking, or grinding is a major sign that something is wrong. A properly functioning elevator should serve its purpose and travel quietly and smoothly from floor to floor.

Misaligned Car Stops

When reaching a floor in the elevator, it should stop completely level with the opening. If you find that you’re having to step foot off the elevator to reach the floor, this is a major warning sign that the elevator is faulty. Should this happen, the situation can be highly dangerous for any individual exiting or entering. A tripping hazard can result in fractures, dislocated joints and knee injuries.

What to Do Next

If you have an accident in an elevator, you must seek medical assistance and obtain the help of an injury lawyer like Oresky. Elevator injuries sustained from an elevator that has malfunctioned or was under repair can be lifelong, so you must find an attorney who puts your needs first.

Many of us get into an elevator without a second thought. While the majority of rides run smoothly, any of the warning signs above can indicate that there is a malfunction that must be taken care of immediately. You must never put your life at risk, so if you spot any red flags, make sure you evacuate the elevator and get help from a professional to fix the problem. Doing so may save not only your life, but the lives of many others.

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