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6 Ways To Make Your Home Dog-Friendly

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dog sleeping in sofa

dog sleeping in sofa

If you’re considering getting a dog, you need to make your home pet-friendly. A safe environment will help them thrive without posing danger to their health. If you’re looking for tips to create safe surroundings for your dog, here are 6 ways to make your home dog-friendly.

It’s worth investing in your dog’s happiness and well-being by introducing the following pet-friendly measures in your home.

Install Tile or Wood Flooring

If you have a dog at home, avoid carpet flooring. Carpet is notorious for harboring hair, bacteria, and absorbing nasty odors. It also isn’t durable enough to endure damage from dogs and stains and can contribute to allergy problems within the home.

For these reasons, we suggest investing in ceramic or porcelain tile flooring. Both are scratch and stain-resistant and provide a cool place for your pup to sleep during hot weather. Wood flooring such as mahogany, oak, sycamore, and maple is also a good choice.

Also, remember to trim your dog’s nails to keep your floor in good condition. If you want more information on pups, plenty of experts offer valuable tips for owning a dog.


Invest in Dog-Friendly Furniture

When buying slipcovered or upholstered furniture, go for stain-resistant fabric. If you share your couches with dogs, you should be concerned with more than just dander and pet hair. Stains and stinky odors can also leak into some fabrics, making your lounging an unpleasant experience.

When looking for dog-friendly chairs, especially considering how dogs contract heartworm and the importance of keeping them comfortable indoors, avoid silk and velvets as they’re prone to scratches and stains. Instead, go for chairs outfitted in leather, which you can easily wipe clean, doesn't absorb odors, and is durable.


Remove Household Chemicals

Nowadays, most homes contain large amounts of harmful cleaners, chemicals, and insecticides. Since some pups can open cupboards, go through your cupboard, avoid keeping any toxic substances in your house to ensure your dog’s safety.

It’s not only chemicals you should be aware of. Some houseplants such as Poinsetta, Philodendron, and Mistletoe are dangerous to dogs. In case your dog consumes poisonous plants accidentally, rush it to the vet.

Also, ask your veterinarian about the types of foods your pet should consume. Keep poisonous foods like chocolate out of reach and explain to everyone in your home to avoid leaving human food in places that are accessible to your dog.


Buy Trash Cans with Covers

If your dog likes getting into the trash can, leaving trash and leftover food across the floor, trade out the short wastebins for long trash cans with covers. Also, avoid placing low-lying trash cans in your bathroom, kitchen, and pantry.


Put Treasured Items Away

Keep away breakable and fragile belongings behind closed doors. This is because dogs are usually excited and will play with anything they come across. It’s also crucial to hide trailing electrical cables and wires behind furniture. To make the cables chew-proof, place a thick cable protector over them.


Install Window Screens

If you like opening your windows during summertime, put screens in your windows or install automated window shades. Over the years, many pups have become victims of high-rise syndrome, a situation where dogs fall out of two-story windows and high-rise buildings.

Unfortunately, this can cause severe injuries in dogs and cause death. Put screens on your upstairs windows before bringing in your pet to keep fluffy safe.



Owning a dog is a great responsibility and a wonderful experience at the same time. Whether you live in a small or a large house, implement the above ideas to create a safe environment for your pet.







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