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6 Signs There Might Be A Rat Or Mouse Infestation In Your House

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Rodent infestations are devastating in terms of repair costs and illness risks. As winter approaches, though, many homeowners unwittingly become targets. If you’d like to prevent dangerous and costly rodent invasions, prevention is crucial. In this guide, we will look at some of the most evident signs of rat and mouse infestation.

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Foul Odors

An early sign of rodent infestation is a musky, foul odor. When rats and mice invade, they make big messes, leaving waste everywhere. To make things worse, rodents hide when they’re ready to die—leaving the air thick with the smell of decomposition. A Rodent Exterminator can eliminate the pungent stench of infestation and help you breathe easier.


Opened Food Packages in the Pantry

Food is a powerful motivator, and rodents often invade homes in search of it. During the winter, when natural food sources become scarce, mice and rats are drawn to our homes for warmth, shelter, and food. A simple wrapper won’t stop them. If you’ve found food with torn or chewed wrapping, discard it, and call an exterminator to check for rodents.


Waste Products

While most people smell rodent droppings before they see them, visible waste is one of the most evident signs of rodent infestation. Like opened food packages, rodent waste is a safety risk and a warning sign. Droppings may be found anywhere in the home, especially in the basement and attic.


Greasy Smudges Everywhere

Mice and rats have greasy fur that leaves marks on everything they touch. If they’re coming in and out through holes they’ve made, the buildup will be easy to spot. As you’re looking for signs of infestation, check the home’s siding and walls for holes and discoloration.


Gnaw Marks on Furniture, Boxes, Pipes, and Wiring

Rodents’ teeth grow continuously, and rats and mice must gnaw on objects to keep them trimmed. As with the greasy smudges mentioned above, the longer an infestation persists, the more likely that chew marks will be visible. Look for damage on cardboard boxes, wiring, furniture, insulation, and wooden items.

Rodents look for water almost as often as they search for food, and homeowners should look for gnaw marks around pipes. While rats and mice aren’t the only pests that chew on plumbing and wiring, they are the most common culprits. Look at the coverings on pipes and wires and call an exterminator if problems are found.


Live Rodents In the Home

While the above signs indicate a rodent infestation, seeing live mice and rats virtually guarantees it. These pests are nocturnal, which means they’re more active at night—and seeing them during the day means that their numbers have become unsustainable. If you’ve seen a live mouse or rat, it is time to call a certified and licensed pest control specialist.


The Right Time to Call a Pro

If any of these signs are detected, you may wonder whether it’s possible to handle the problem yourself. Every rodent infestation is different, and not all DIY methods are effective. If you’re dealing with a severe infestation, don’t go it alone—call an expert.

Rats and mice pose serious health and safety risks that must be addressed immediately. For additional information on the dangers of rodent infestation, consult a local pest control specialist.







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