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Smart Ways To Keep Floors Looking Great

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Each year, the American Cleaning Institute completes a National Cleaning Survey. They found that when it comes to spring cleaning, 32% of respondents said that their floors were a priority. Since you walk on your floors daily, keeping them in good condition makes sense. With many more types of flooring than ever before, knowing how to properly maintain each type of flooring material is a priority. These are a few of the cleaning and maintenance tips to keep in mind.

Wooden Floors

There are many different types of wooden floors but the maintenance and cleaning largely remains the same. Clean up spills immediately and make sure to use furniture pads to keep them free from dents and scratches. Vacuum weekly and mop with a wood-safe cleaner at least once a week. A wood floor cleaner can also be used on a monthly basis. Wooden floors will be subject to some wear and tear. For this reason, it's a good idea to refinish the flooring every 3-5 years. This can be done on your own or by a professional.


Vinyl Plank Floors

As a newer flooring material, luxury vinyl plank flooring requires special attention. A vinyl plank floor or Lifeproof floor is made from large, durable planks and has a realistic design. Their basic maintenance is fairly simple. You should vacuum them on a regular basis. Since this is a synthetic material, it's best to mop using only a minimal amount of water. You can even dry mop the floor every few days. For stains on the vinyl flooring, a soft nylon brush is best. It will remove stains without scratching the floors. Vinyl floors do not need to be refinished and can be kept in good condition through regular cleaning.


Marble Flooring

Marble floors may be either in slabs or tiles. They require gentle maintenance as they may be more prone to scratches. The floors should be dusted regularly with a soft cloth. Never use any harsh or abrasive cleaners or materials on the marble flooring. Clean the floor with a pH neutral dish soap or a cleaner that's specially formulated for marble. The surface should be thoroughly rinsed and then dried with clean water after washing. For any stains, blot them immediately. It's also a good idea to protect the marble with non-slip mats or area rugs as they may be more slippery when wet.

These maintenance and cleaning tips will keep your flooring in great shape for years to come. Use these tips to ensure that your floors stay in great shape for years to come.



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