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Some Exterior Drainage Solutions To Protect Your Property

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Studies suggest that around 85% of the damages of the houses caused due to drainage problems. Home repair is something that may cost you a lot of money. It is thus important to adopt preventive measures so that you can avoid the expenses incurred as a result of the repair. You have to ensure that your home is in proper condition, and for this, you will have to look at every aspect of the house. Exterior drainage systems are a very effective method to prevent damage to your property caused by surface water. 

You will have to take a look at the benefits associated with the surface drainage outside your home. Surface water is responsible for causing lateral pressure against the foundation wall of your house. The results may include foundation cracks, which can lead to a compromise on your asset's integrity. It can also lead to basement leaks that may lead to flooding and cause property damage. In addition to this, it may also cause health risks associated with mold growth in the basement and loss of value of the house due to water damage. As a result of this, you would have to take care of your home's exterior drainage. 

Types of exterior drainage that may opt for

  • French drain: It is a perforated pipe installed in the flat yard to drain away standing water from there. You may call stratum for exterior drainage issues. They will help you with all the proceedings. The process involves excavating a trench that slopes away, and then the pipe is installed. Before the track is finally covered, you may cover it with material like gravels. The standing water would seep down the slope and drain away from the house. 


  • Footing drain: It is a powerful water drainage system. On the level of the footing, you may fit a pipe around the foundation wall's perimeter. The line would collect any excess water leaked from the top of the ground into the basement, and then from there, it would be carried towards the solid foundation of the house. You may cover the drain with the gravel up to the surface of the soil.  


  • Gutter drainage system: Roof water can cause problems for many people, especially those living on the building's top floor. The gutter drainage system can help you to drain the roof water away from the house wall. You may direct the drain towards a catch basin or a storm sewer.


  • Grading drainage system: It involves the reworking of the gardening so that the water is sloped away from the house. You can take the help of a contractor to assess the gradient needed to drive the water away from the home to a storm sewer in the building. 

There are thus various ways that you can make use to protect your house from the damage caused by water leakage. It can make a tremendous difference to the appearance of your home in the long run. So try to invest in the drainage system to extend the life of your assets. 



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