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Custom Cut Glass Tabletops Buying Guide For Placing Successful Online Order

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Glass has been a classic and timeless material for tabletops. Do you want something modern for replacing your years-old tabletop? Custom cut glass tabletops are an elegant solution to add a new touch to your table.

It changes the look of a traditional table and offers a modern vibe to the room. However, choosing the perfect custom glass is a challenging task. This buying guide will help you place a successful online order and get the right glass type for your table in the USA.

Know your budget



First things first. Whether you plan a home renovation or get something for home décor, planning the budget is an essential step. So decide your budget when you plan to get a custom cut glass tabletop. When you are sure of the budget, the list of options arrows down and it’s easier to choose a suitable thing according to your requirements.


Choose the right glass type

There are different glass types that you can choose for the tabletop. We are discussing a few of the common glass preferences by modern homeowners.

  • Annealed glass: Economic option where safety is of minor concern
glass tabletop livingroom

glass tabletop livingroom

Also known as clear glass or ordinary glass, it is preferred when the cost is a concern. It breaks into big and long pieces, which can cause safety hazards.

  • Tempered Glass: Safe option


Known for its excellent strength and durable nature, tempered glass is 4 to six times stronger than ordinary glass. It is shatter-resistant and breaks into small pieces, which aren’t harmful.

  • Frosted Glass: Used where brightness and unique look is required
glass tabletop and chairs

glass tabletop and chairs

Frosted glass is made of high-density sandblasted material. It is also strong and tough like tempered glass. In terms of design, it has a textured appearance, which may be swirls, floral patterns, or different designs. 

It is mostly used in offices for conference room tabletops. However, if you want a decent and unique glass option, this is the perfect choice for you. 

  • Tinted Glass: Used to synchronize with interior colors
glass tabletop kitchen

glass tabletop kitchen

If you are bored with the clear glass tabletops, it’s time for a change. The tinted glass comes in different colors and becomes a focal point if used on tabletops. It brings a cool vibe and shows your unique choice and home décor sense. 

  • Low-iron glass: For an ultra-clear table top look
glass table top

glass table top

This is the clearest glass among all glass types. It is produced through a unique process, which removes ten times the iron particles from the glass. Therefore, it is free from the greenish tint which is found in annealed glass.

If you want an ultra-clear tabletop, low iron glass is the right material for your requirement.  


Think on the shape based on the table bottom style and material

glass top table

glass top table

The next step is to decide the shape of the custom glass for the tabletop. This depends on the types of base. In general, there are three variations.

  • If you want a glass table protector?
  • Are you looking for a glass tabletop on a pedestal?
  • If the glass tabletop fits in a rim?

For a table protector, measure the size of the table and order the same glass shape that fits the table.

There are different shapes like circle, oval, rectangle, and square used for tabletops; and, if you want any other shape, you are free to get a customized version. However, this chance is available for the second condition if you are looking for a tabletop for a glass pedestal.

Otherwise, if the glass tabletop has to be fixed inside a rim, you should go for the exact same shape as the previous one.


Select the right thickness

glass edge

glass edge

Based on the usage and other factors, you should consider the right thickness so that it bears the stress and weight without any stress. 

If the glass top is required for a table frame, check the depth of the frame and order a glass top of the same thickness. 

However, if the tabletop does not sit inside a frame, then analyze the support available for the glass. If it’s only having a central support point, then go for 1/4" to 1/2" thick glass. If the glass has corner-to-corner support, then 3/8" thickness is suitable. 


Edging Style

glass edges

The finishing and edging style makes a lot of difference to a glass tabletop. Polishing gives a fine look and adds safety to the edges.

There are different edging styles like beveled, round, wavy, flat polished, so choose any of these if it’s a frameless table.


Procedure to buy order Custom Cut Glass Tabletops

online payment

online payment

At Fab Glass and Mirror, you can order a custom cut glass tabletop according to your choice. Follow this procedure and order right away to get an amazing quality custom cut glass tabletop in USA

  1. Go to Custom Cut Glass and choose the Glass Tabletop option from the list of options.
  2. Then, select the shape of the glass. They have a variety of shapes ranging from ordinary shapes like square, rectangle to unique ones like hexagon, octagon, and semi-circle. So, you are free to choose a custom shape as per your liking.
  3. The next step is to fill in the right dimension for the glass top. Add the length and width in inches. Make sure you measure the glass size correctly, as it is an important step.
  4. Choose a glass type from the options available on the page. Select your required option and continue to the next page.
  5. Now, select the thickness of the glass top. Also, select if you want a hole or not. Decide the strength of glass, whether you want the annealed or tempered glass.
  6. Finally, select the edging style and corner finish and you are good to go.
  7. When you reach the last page, you can see the order summary with the details of the custom glass tabletop that you have selected.

We wish you good luck with the order process.


Let’s Sum Up

To sum up, custom glass tabletops are an excellent idea to change the look of any room. With this buying guide, we hope you can place your order at Fab Glass and Mirror. They have a range of glass types suitable for tabletops. Whether you want tempered glass, frosted glass, tinted glass, low iron glass, or another custom cut glass, contact Fab Glass and Mirror for helping you out!







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