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There are several materials out there for tabletops, but you are better off sticking with glass for your tabletops. Keep reading to find out why.


To fully understand why a glass tabletop is a safer and durable option for your tabletop, let’s take a look at other modern tabletop materials and why glass is better compared to using other tabletop materials.


1. Tile

tile table top

tile table top

Tile is considered the least expensive material for a tabletop. It is widely used due to the varieties of colors and designs available.

Why is tile not the best material for a tabletop compared to glass?

  • It is prone to getting stained.
  • Unsealed grouts can lead to the growth of bacteria
  • It can’t be used for cooking activities.


2. Marble

marble table top

marble table top

Marble is glamorous and unique as a tabletop material. It is mostly considered because of its elegance and exciting look.

Despite the beauty and unique look, using marble as a tabletop material comes with lots of cons. They include:

  • It requires consistent maintenance and cleaning.
  • It is sensitive to the commonly used substances in the home.
  • Items will leave rings on marble tabletops.
  • Sticky, icy-cold, or hot items cannot be placed directly on it.
  • It is prone to scratching and etching.
  • It is expensive to maintain.


3. Granite

granite table top

granite table top

Granite is the traditional choice when it comes to tabletops. It comes in a variety of colors and is unique. Despite the options it presents as a tabletop material, it still comes with a few cons:

  • It is heavy.
  • It needs constant maintenance
  • It is prone to staining
  • A poorly sealed granite absorbs liquid and can house bacteria.


4. Wood

wood table top

wood table top

Wood has always been the go-to tabletop material. It is used mainly because of its long life, but it does come with its disadvantages. They include:

  • Moisture damages wood causing it to swell and split.
  • The surface of the wood table top will change with use.
  • It is prone to scratching and can be damaged by sharp objects.
  • It is expensive to buy and maintain.


Why Use Glass Table Tops Instead of Other Materials?

A modern glass table is an exceptional addition to any home. They are aesthetically appealing and are cost-effective. It can be used in any room in the house and is a way to spice up your home décor. With glass tabletops, you not only get the functions of a table, but you also derive the benefits that glass gives to every environment in which it is used.

Asides from the fact that glass table tops are modern and visually appealing, using them give you the following benefits over other tabletop materials.

glass tabletop and chairs

glass tabletop and chairs

An essential feature of glass and mirrors is that they make your space look bigger than it is. Glass tabletops are see-through. This transparent feature helps to magnify the area of any room they are placed in contrast to using a solid tabletop material.


protect furniture

protect furniture

Glass tabletops can serve many functions. If you prefer other tabletop materials but do not want the disadvantage that comes with using them, you can add a glass tabletop to them. Lots of glass table tops are used to protect the wood and some tabletop materials. Glass tabletops offer protection to the underlying table by guarding it against damages and scratches.

For wood primarily, a glass tabletop will protect it against wear and tear that will arise from everyday use.


backyard decor with table and chairs

backyard decor with table and chairs

Glass tabletops are versatile, neutral in appearance, and modern. As a result, they fit into any décor style and look present in the home. Whether it’s a traditional, chic, or modern look, trust a table with a glass top to fit just right in.

Also, homeowners can express their style using glass tabletops. Since it is neutral in appearance, decorative accents will help you switch up styles without much effort.


glass table tops

glass table tops

A benefit of using glass in a room is that it is a good source of natural light, and it brightens the atmosphere. Using a glass tabletop also presents you with this benefit. Transparent table glass especially will reflect and bounce off the light around the room which leaves the room with a bright ambiance.


cleaning glass

cleaning glass

Compared to other tabletop materials, glass is straightforward to maintain and quite easy to clean. It is durable and does not show visible signs of wear and tear with long term use. You do not need to reseal every year to keep it looking polished or looking for ways to protect it from water and household substances.

To keep it clean, shiny, and new, all that is needed is a spray bottle filled with water or glass cleaner and a dry microfiber cloth.


Do Glass Table Tops Need to be Tempered?

Tempered Glass is up to seven times stronger than regular glass. Glass is one of the most used materials for tabletops, and it is encouraged that this should be tempered.

tempered glass table top

tempered glass table top

Using a tempered glass for your tabletop does not change its look or weight. If safety is of importance to you, then you should consider using tempered glass for your glass tabletops.

Tempered Glass is durable, long-lasting, and safety inclined.


Where can We Make Use of Glass Tabletops?

Glass tabletops can be used everywhere in the home and office as well. It can be used:

  • In the kitchen as a countertop
  • In hallways
  • In the dining room on the dining table
  • In the living room on the center table
  • On coffee tables
  • In the bedroom on bedside tables or your dresser
  • In a conference/meeting room on the conference table
  • In waiting areas in offices


Things to Consider Before Using Glass Table Top

glass top table

glass top table

Before switching to a glass tabletop, you should consider the following and decide what is right for you.

  1. Will it be a solid top or open top table? The solid top has materials underneath that support the glass tabletop. An open-top does not have reliable support but is instead supported by slats or shelf type support.
  2. How thick will the glass be? Thicker glass tops are considered more luxurious and better than thin ones by designers.
  3. Will you be opting for a regular or tempered glass? Tempered Glass is toughened and stronger than regular glass.
  4. What type of glass corners will you choose? Nickel, radius, blunt, dime, and quarter are all corner options.





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