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6 Ways To Enjoy A Long Car Journey

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There would hardly be a person who hates traveling, except those who have hodophobia (Irritational fear of travel). The company of close friends and family always makes the journey enjoyable. You can do lots of exciting things during a journey, much more than you can do at your home.

Traveling to a far off place can also teach about many things that we all often overlook in our busy routines.

Traveling without anything interesting can ruin your precious journey and make it a horrible nightmare. In that case, you might end up hating a long car journey. Let me tell you some secrets to make your long car journey exciting and enjoyable.

1. Listening Audio Books

Books are the best companions of a person. If you don't want to take books for reading during your journey, get some for listening. You can download an audiobook for listening very easily. You don't have to look at the book and read. Just sit on your seat and listen to the audio. It might remind you hearing a storybook from an elder in your childhood.

Audiobooks are also called talking books. Listening to an audiobook is much like hearing a radio. In an audiobook, you hear the text of the book. It keeps your brain active and vigilant during a journey. It becomes a much better option if you are driving the car. The audiobook will help keep the monotony away from you during driving.

Loyal Books, LibriVox, Open Culture, and Audiobooks are some famous sites to download audiobooks. You can download some books without spending a penny from these sites and take them with you on your journey.


2. Listening To Stand Uo Comedy

Listening to stand up comedy is the best solution to stay away from boredom during a long journey. It is scientifically proved that humor activates your brain cells and keep you alive. If you are traveling to a distant place all alone, stand up comedy can be the best remedy for your monotony. 

Stand up comedy is a comic in which a comedian tells some jokes or humorous stories. There are many sites where you can listen stand up comedy like SoundCloud and Spotify.


3. Invest In High-Quality Car Speakers

Mostly the pre-installed speakers are not good enough for making your journey entertaining. The sound is muffled and sometimes completely inaudible with the pre-installed speakers. If you love listening to music, Audiobooks, or stand up comedy while traveling, then it would be good to invest a little money in high-quality car speakers.

Various expensive car speakers are available in the markets, but there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on the car sound system. You can easily get some of the best 6x9 speakers for bass within an affordable range.

Rockford Fosgate R1525X2, Pioneer TS-A6996S, Infinity REF-6522EX, Infinity REF-9623ix and BOSS Audio NX694 are some of the well known car speakers that are not only affordable but also provides high-quality audio.


4. Eating Snacks

Never forget to take healthy snacks with you whenever you travel to a distant place. Snacks are among the most important things for any trip as they provide you adequate energy during a car journey.

When it comes to snacks, try to keep the sugary snacks away as they are the leading cause of numerous diseases, including periodontal disease. If you are obsessed with sugary snacks, try to take only a limited quantity. For this, chewing gum is the best solution.  Also, avoid taking too many salty snacks. 

Take something healthy like fruits and nuts. These types of snacks contain many vitamins and nutrients that keep your brain and body fresh. The cells of your whole body get enough energy and aids in keeping you alive and awake while traveling.


5. Playing Road Trip Games

Road trip games can be a good accomplice on a journey. Playing road trip games will be a good option if you have kids with you. These games also work well with your friends. Following are some of the most exciting road trip games:

· Fortunately/Unfortunately

In this game, a person has to tell a fortunate situation and the next one has to say something unfortunate related to that event. If a contestant fails to tell the given situation, the other contestant wins the game.


· The Movie Game

A person has to mention the name of an actor or actress and the next person tells the name of the movie of that actor or actress. The following person tells the name of another actor or actress and the game continues until one of the participants fails to tell the name of the movie or tell the wrong one.


· 21 Questions

A person thinks about anything and the rest of the participants have to guess that thing. The participants can ask 21 questions about that thing and you can't repeat the same question. The participant who guesses the thing, start the next round.


6. Story Telling

It is another good way of spending time during a long car journey. You can share some stories. You can tell your childhood stories to your kids. If you are with some old friends, you can recall some old memories or incidents. You can share the story of some movie if you have no other story. Share some jokes. You can also share some recent happenings. A journey can provide you a good chance to have a valuable chit chat with your family and friends.

Try the above-mentioned ways for a long car journey and make your valuable time exciting and enjoyable. Time is money, so don't waste it by just lying on your seat during your car journey and have fun.





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