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Springing Up To Clean!

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Springing Up To Clean!

Springing Up To Clean

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After a long winter of dark days and cool temperatures, the glow of Springing Up To Clean sunshine and rush of warm breezes awaken an urge to throw open the windows and freshen up our living areas inside and out. Everything in nature feels clean and new, and it makes us want our homes to feel that way, too. From chasing dust under the sofa to cleaning gutters with covers, nothing will escape the Big Spring Clean.

However, unless you are from a Disney fairy tale and have friendly animals to help with your cleaning, you will need a plan. Dashing from place to place randomly whirling a feather duster may work if you are cleaning while dancing in a long dress, but for the rest of us, we have real dirt to tackle.

But spring is in the air, and we know we can do it! Here are a few pointers to put some spring (cleaning) in your step.

Springing Up To Clean Steps

1. One Room at a Time

A little method goes a long way. Tackling one room thoroughly before moving onto the next keeps you on track. It also gives you an area to look back on for encouragement later when your energy might be flagging.

You can find checklists for each room online, or you can tour your home and create your own. Save them on the computer to use each year, updating accordingly. Checking off boxes on your list motivates you to keep going to finish the course.


2. Corral the Creeping Clutter

Where does it come from? Somehow clutter just seems to multiply, trying to take over every room. Now that spring is here, it’s time to rediscover your horizontal surfaces (there IS a coffee table under those magazines!) and reclaim open space.

Face it head-on. Your goal is to touch something once. Pick it up and decide which of these categories it belongs in: Donate, Ditch, Store, or Stash. Donates are things to give to family, friends, or charity. Ditch is your trash pile. Throw it away without a second glance! Store is the pile of things you use regularly but doesn’t need right now (think seasonal, for example). Stash are things you use a lot that needs a place to live that’s easy to reach.

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3. Seasonal Sweep

Maybe last fall, you ignored some of those leaves or the garden that needed clearing out. Now is the time to get outside and make your yard ready for long summer evenings. Gather the family and crank some tunes. Yard cleanup may not be fun, but the results are worth it.

Don’t forget the man-made living spaces, too. Scrubbing the deck isn’t just for pirates anymore! Let the sun in through sparkling clean windows. Hop on a ladder and make sure your gutters are good to go. Even covered gutters may need a bit of spring cleaning.

4. Keep Suds Simple

Most things don’t need harsh chemicals to get them looking fresh. An excellent all-purpose cleaner will tackle most of your rough spots. But don’t forget how amazing simple (and inexpensive) ingredients like vinegar and baking soda can be. Look online to find how to clean almost anything with some pantry staples.

Once you have your home and yard aired out, dusted, polished, and ready for summer, keep up the good work! A little weekly maintenance throughout the warm months will carry that clean well into the fall.



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