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5 Signs Your Garage Door Already Needs Replacement

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Signs That Shows You Need A Garage Door Replacement

garage door replacement

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It is easy to take garage doors for granted. These entryways are hefty and look super durable, but this doesn’t mean they are not prone to deterioration over time. Still, a time may come when you need to replace your garage doors because of age or wear and tear. With that in mind, here are five signs your garage door already needs replacement. 

Slow Opening And Closing Speed

Perhaps, the only thing in your mind after a stressful day at school or work is to park your car at home and take a well-deserved rest. But, your garage door is inhibiting you from experiencing a warm bath and the softness of your bed, and it’s because the door is taking more than a few minutes to open. After all, it should only take about 10 to 20 seconds to create a path for you to park your vehicle. 

Several reasons exist as to why your garage door is opening or closing slowly. For one, the door may have already reached its prime. On the one hand, faulty programming may be the root cause of the issue. Nonetheless, garage doors that open and close at a snail's pace can be a clear indication that they already need replacing.

Call fast garage door repair services to help you with this concern, especially if you already attempted to carry out do-it-yourself (DIY) troubleshooting. If the garage door’s response time is still slow after troubleshooting, then the issue might be more severe than you initially thought. Call the professionals to avoid making the situation even worse.

A woman is unlocking and opening a garage door

A woman is unlocking and opening a garage door

Rattling Or Shaking

Please take note that it's dangerous to be anywhere near a rattling or shaking garage door. You may never know when the large entryway decides to give in and falls to the surface. Thus, don’t attempt to apply DIY garage door repairs if the rattling or shaking of the doorway persists.

The cause of this issue may come from specific parts, such as:

  • Tracks

Garage doors use tracks for them to open or close. Rollers on these paths help the doorway slide up or down. But, broken or damaged tracks can lead to the door collapsing if not repaired sooner than later.


  • Belt

Many automatic garage doors rely on belts to open or close. Activating the opener prompts the device to pull the door up or release it back down. But, if the belt weakens, rattling or shaking may occur.


  • Lubrication

Perhaps, the rollers, tracks, and belt of the garage door are in excellent shape, but rattling or shaking persists on the large entryway. If so, then it might be because of inadequate lubrication. Stale lubrication may cause other parts to crack and erode because of the excess friction.

Failure to find and fix the cause of the garage door’s rattling or shaking might mean a more severe problem. Call professional garage door repair services at the first sign of juddering on the doorway for immediate fixes or replacements.


Excessive Noises

Several garage doors create a relatively decent amount of noise during operations. These sounds mean that the doorways are opening or closing.

But, you might hear an unnecessary amount of clangs, crashes, booms, and pings during garage door operations. Don’t ignore these noises as these seemingly minor nuisances might mean significant inconveniences if left alone.

A trustworthy garage door repair company can help find the cause of the banging, grating, or grinding noise. You may need to consider replacing the damaged components instead of opting for temporary repairs.

Take note that these noises may come from an unleveled track. Minor fixes on this component may help resolve the issue. But, the problem may resurface soon. Instead, replacing this component and other garage door parts can provide long-term solutions. Let a professional technician well-versed in repairing and replacing garage door components handle the job. This expert can give you peace of mind, knowing that you can avoid accidents during repair or replacement jobs. 


Water Damage

The sound of rain can bring a sense of calm to household members. You can sleep well at night as you listen to the relaxing rainfall outside your window.

But, that sense of peace changes to a feeling of dread after seeing a leak going in your garage's ceiling. Furthermore, the water from the roof goes straight to your garage door opener. Now, the device fails to function because of water damage.

At this point, there might not be another viable solution but to replace the opener. Thankfully, reliable garage door companies exist to help you out. Seek the assistance of certified professionals to help replace your old and broken garage door opener with a new model.

Still, it should be in your best interest to pick an opener that has waterproofing and is water-resistant to prevent this concern from happening again.


Outdated Design

Perhaps, you recently bought an old house with an ancient-looking garage door. Well, your garage door might need an update in the visual department.

Remember, broken parts aren’t the only reasons that your garage door needs replacement. You should also consider replacing the entryway to improve your home’s visual appeal.

Wooden doorways may gain dings, dents, and chips over time. On the one hand, metal garage doors can rust and look unsightly because of excess moisture. Replace your garage doors when these visual annoyances negatively affect the aesthetic appeal of your house.

An established garage door repair company can help you pick the right design and material for the new entryway. Choose from a broad range of new models to ensure that you can effectively enhance the beauty of your abode.

As a bonus, you can also increase the curb value of the property. This benefit is ideal for homeowners who wish to sell their properties soon at a reasonably high price.


Final Thoughts

Don’t disregard the importance of your garage door. Otherwise, you’re only allowing the entryway to be susceptible to damages. Consider replacing the doorway if problems, like excessive noises, rattling movements, and slow operation speeds, occur. If these issues are already severe at the time of detection, you may opt to replace your garage door to ensure everyone’s safety, as well as to reignite the beauty of your home. Contact an established firm in the industry to help you repair or replace your garage door to reduce the risks of accidents on site.







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