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3 (Safe) Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids This Summer

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Summer is a great season for kids. They love the longer days, warmer weather, and the break from school. For parents, though, summer can be stressful. They often feel compelled to plan frequent events for their children, and the Coronavirus pandemic has made it more difficult to find safe (and open) places for kids. If you're overwhelmed by the lack of plans and concerned that your kids have nothing safe or fun to do this summer, here are three promising options. Try one (or all!) of these summer activities before the warm weather ends.

Stick to swimming in your own backyard.

Public pools were never the most sanitary places in the first place, and now you probably feel even less compelled to take your child to the local pool, if it's even open. With a pool in your own backyard, your kids will never be bored. They can practice their swimming or cool off on hot days without ever leaving the house. With a pool safety net, you'll never have to worry about your young kids falling into the pool. Since drowning is a serious concern for children, you'll need to make sure you have a great pool guard installed. If you already have a pool in your yard, check out the safety measures you've taken. You might realize that your current pool net is rusting or deteriorating. Maybe you don't have a child-proof safety latch. Taking these safety precautions will help you feel at ease when your family is using the pool, and the kids will love having a great water feature right in their backyard. Let the family cool off without worrying about masks and ditch the overstuffed pool bag. Everyone will love the convenience and novelty of a swimming pool at home.


Head to the zoo.

Kids love a trip to the zoo, and it's still possible to have a safe and fun visit with the animals this summer. Many zoos are open and allowing guests to schedule a time to visit so they can limit the number of people in the zoo. If your kids are comfortable with wearing masks, you can pack up the stroller and head to the zoo. Your children will be so enthralled by the giraffes, lions, and monkeys that they'll forget all about the masks on their faces. Have a plan for how you will eat lunch (you may be asked to eat outside the zoo if you're planning to stay for meals) and make sure you're prepared for whatever weather might come. Check out the best stroller rain covers and find one that will keep your little ones dry. You might also want a stroller fan or sunshade to keep them cool, a mosquito net to keep out bugs, sunscreen, snacks, and extra water. Look up reviews of stroller accessories to find the best ones. A trip to the zoo wouldn't be a lot of fun if you're kids are excessively sweating or drenched by rain.


Invite friends over for a campfire.

If you don't already have a fire pit in your backyard, now is the time to get one. A campfire is a great way to safely have your friends and your children's friends over for a visit. Have guests walk around the house to enter the backyard and wear your masks if you plan to get close. You can stay distant around the fire and everyone can bring their own s'more supplies (take turns roasting over the fire so no one is too close together). Your family will appreciate having something fun and unique to do, and you'll be able to safely have guests over without worrying about exposure. Even a small campfire every two weeks will keep your kids from becoming too bored or lonely.

It's trickier than ever to plan safe events for your family. Try to plan unique activities at home, and when you head out, keep your family safe and protected from the elements. Summer will be over before you know it, so take advantage of all this season has to offer now.



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