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How To Choose An Electric Heater For Home

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Electric heater

Electric heater

Life during the winter season is dreadful. It’s even more dreadful when you realize that the expensive electric heater you bought just died out. God forbid that cheap electric heater from harming you, your kid and your pets. Properly choosing the best electric heater for home matters. 

When looking for a quality electric heater, go beyond the features. It may have several features, but only a few of those tend to be useful. Focusing on the practicality and the “basic-ness” of the electric heater surely saves you from a lot of trouble. 

Keep away from wasted chances and be sure of the quality of your electric heater for home. 

Check out our tips on how to choose an electric heater for home. 

  • Heating Area

The standard dimensions of maximum heating reach is 400 square feet. A desk heater obviously cannot deliver with such capacity as it can only work within close limits. 

The best heater for this context is the room heater. A room heater’s reach doesn’t go below 400 sq ft. Meaning, it usually, if not always warms a quarter to half of the house. It should be great for the family.


  • Safety Features

Safety features include automatic shut-off, heat release mechanism, smart timer mechanism, tip-over shutoff feature, and a lot more.

For heaters with more than ten safety features, a more careful inspection and referral have to be done. You cannot, by all means, allow these added features to instead become counterproductive to the main functions of the heater.Weighing options on the heater’s safety is a life matter. After all, the electric heater has been attributed to several cases of house fires in many countries.

Between coil and ceramic, the ceramic heater tends to be safer. 


  • Thermostat Capacity

Suppose your heater has an existing thermostat, it still cannot guarantee efficiency. Thermostat qualities vary depending on its capacity. 

The line-voltage programmable thermostat for instance, hails as the latest upgrade among heater thermostats. Ironically though, it isn’t popular due to the reason that it’s frequently added and not built in heaters like regular thermostat features are.

This thermostat feature directly taps into voltage flow to accurately report electric surges. When it does, it causes the heater system to automatically slow down. Ultimately, this proves instrumental to saving energy and lessening electricity bills.


  • Quiet Capacity

Don’t just pick any heater. Choose the one with tender-humming performance. You would not want to spend sleepless nights with your heater. 

You’re using an electric heater in the first place to sleep comfortably during the cold night, not otherwise. 

The peaceful electric heater you’re looking for bears a mark that swings within ranges between 32-28dB.


  • Size

Look into the size of the heater you’re purchasing. Size really does matter in this case. You see, the size answers how much space the heater consumes. The space, in turn, determines the proximity of the heater to the objects it’s supposed to heat up. 

These considerations are then subjected to heater types-- infrared or fan. Most fan heaters, given their specs, should ideally be smaller in size for mobility. Infrared heaters on the other hand, should ideally be large in size for faster reach on objects. 


  • Type 

It is highly important to be aware of the types of heater to know what to expect:

  • The oil heater takes time to heat up but when it does, it warms large areas without misses. It is energy-efficient as it does not require excessive electrical energy to heat up.
  • The infrared heater disperses invisible light-- from photon radiation and electricity-- and transfers this light energy into objects.
  • The fan-powered heater is the most common type of heater. It basically uses fans to distribute heat across the room. As a result, it immediately warms large areas. Issues against this type of heater usually have to do with consistency. 


Choosing an electric heater, lest the right heater, for your home is a practical, yet challenging task. Certainly, it deems several considerations at one shopping. However, if you know what to expect, it should be easier. 

Therefore, our tips on how to choose an electric heater for home offer you the key standards and/or features to look in any electrical heater. Still, in the end, the decision intuitively comes from the buyer’s judgement. After all, it’s all about your comfort-- the comfort you seek in the cold of night. 



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