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How To Choose A Sump Pump Check Valve

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Choose A Sump Pump Check Valve

Anyone with a business or a home in a high-water table or a flood-prone area needs a reliable sump pump. Why would you need it? The sump pump check valve is essential in keeping your basement dry. If you want to maintain the foundation from water damage, then you need a pump. On the same, if your pump check valve is misbehaving, you’ll have to deal with your flooded basement. No one would like or appreciate this. It would be not only irritating but also annoying.

Sure, it can remove and fend off the water before it becomes worse. But unless you’ve installed a high-quality check valve there’s a chance that gallon of water is rush back down in the basement. This happens once the pump is switched off. Therefore, it’s a concept to make sure that your option is the correct one. After carefully reviewing some of the popular products in this line, we’ve come up with factors to consider when making a buying decision about sump pump check valve. In our comprehensive buying guide, let’s discuss how to choose a sump pump check valve.

Sump Pump Check Valve

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Silent operation Of Sump Pump Check Valve

Though they’re an indispensable and important accessory, unfortunately, many pump check valves tend to be noisy. It’s advisable to consider a newer model that will operate silently and eliminate noise. These old check valves are noisy and create a water hammer.

Additionally, if you spend hours near the pumping system, ensure the noise reduction level is as low as possible. Examine your new check valve before jumping in a buying decision to gain greater importance.


Frequency of Use & Durability

One factor to consider before choosing the new model is none other than the frequency of use. While some people live in a geographical location where it rains frequently, others live in low water table areas. Thus, the latter will have to choose a durable sump pump check valve when shopping in. This means that the unit has a greater lifespan and should enhance reliability. A metal check valve is a nice option.

Also, if you live in areas where rainstorms are occasional, you only use the accessory now and then, thus any model will work just excellent for you. You’ll find different kinds of check valves such as ones with a gravity-powered flapper and others with a spring mechanism.

Your specific needs and wants will assist you in choosing the common types. For instance, a check valve that features a spring mechanism shouldn’t remain dormant for a long time; hence, it’s a nice option especially if you’ve water running through it regularly.


Size & Additional Concerns

Size is another undisputable factor when it comes to the sump pump check valve. Most check valves may fit most pump systems, but you need to examine closely because there’re exceptions. Pipe’s size is what you need to check without forgetting the valve compatibility. Then, as an addition to your shopping cart, it won’t disappoint you. Moreover, ensure your sump pump system features enough room that will fit a check valve.

Take into accounts all the aspects of durability as an additional concern. Apart from the durability of the parts of the check valve, include also the mode of design of the check valve. Most importantly, go for a model that has been recommended and pressure tested to avoid chances of leakages. Pay attention to clamps used because they play a huge role when the leakproof comes into the stand. The quality is vital.

Sump Pump Check Valve

PVC Swing Check Valve

Budget & Product pricing

Estimate your budget and what you wish to spend on the pump check valve. Still, this will depend on what you intend to do and use. Check the valves available as well as their various price ranges. A nice check valve is the one that is specially designed and sold from a certified installer in your area. However, don’t go for cheap models to back to back purchases within the shortest time after use. You can seek guidance or consultation from the plumbers.


Power level

Checking the power level of each model before buying is significant. The check valve should perform well and be able to function with the horsepower of your sump pump.



It’s all about the speed at which water to be pumped has to be moved. The best check valve is the one that can operate at a similar speed.


How a sump pump check valve works

On the discharge line, the check valve works by ensuring the water in the pipe does not flow back into the sump pit. This is when the sump pump is switched off. It’s a ‘one-way’ valve since it allows water to move in the same direction only. Much appreciation goes to the check valve because it helps your pumping system to work amazingly. Think about the mess in the absence of the check valve. Your sump pump would turn off automatically when some water is drawn out of your sump liner or sump pit. The water remaining in the discharge pipe would backflow into the sump pit. As a result, the water level will rise again, thus the pumping process will need to resume.


Why the check valve is an essential sump pump feature

Most people who ignore the check valve feature do it unknowingly. Forcing your sump pump to move the water twice can lead to a premature burn out of the pump. You can easily avoid pumping the water out of the basement twice by installing the right check valve in the discharge line.



To wrap up, we can conclude that the check valve is an important and unavoidable part of every sump pump. It comes with exceptional and added benefits. It’s not a surprise that you’ll find quite a number of models in the market. Know that each check valve has its own pros and cons. You need to neutralize the demerits and ensure your choice will work effectively. Needs changes from one user to another based on durability, frequency of use, budget, speed, silent operation, power level, and size. With our guide above, choose the check valve that matches your intended features.







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