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Increasing The Value Of Your Home With A New Kitchen In 2020

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Kitchen Renovation Ideas To Sell House

When you originally bought the home, your kitchen was probably in peak condition. Upon selling the house, you will rarely see a lot of furniture in the rest of the house – but the kitchen will almost always be furnished. This is why many people make up their mind to buy a house after they step out of the kitchen. It is also probably what made you make up your mind as well.

That being said, now that you decided that you want to sell the house, you may have realized that your kitchen no longer looks the way it used to. It looks old, rundown – and the kind of place that you rush your guests through when they come to visit. It no longer looks too attractive – and if you are thinking this way, then the chances are very high that your potential buyers will be thinking the same thing.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen remodel

So, what can you do to increase the value of your kitchen? Is there actually anything that you can do to make it more appealing to buyers and sell it for a higher sum? As a matter of fact, yes, there are some things that you may do about it – and some of them will actually be very friendly on your budget. Here is what you may do:

 Kitchen Renovation Ideas

  • Repaint the Cabinets

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

modular kitchen

Old paint that is obviously stained or chipping away will drive potential buyers away to “newer lands.” However, if you cannot afford to buy new kitchen cabinets, you might just want to try painting them instead. Semi-gloss finishes will always look classy – but nowadays, matte finishes are very fashionable. Many people are looking to buy this kind of kitchen in 2020, which is why you might want to go with the trend as well.


  • Change the Hardware

Hardware might be the last thing that you think about when remodeling your kitchen – but in truth, it is something essential to do. They may be small accents – but they can do a lot to change the vibe. Let’s say that your knobs and pulls have seriously worn down or have gone out of date. When someone steps into your kitchen, that is the first thing that they will see.

However, if you take those pieces of hardware down and replace them with new ones, your cabinets will already be one step closer to looking like new. A layer of paint as well, and no one will be able to tell the difference between your set and a new, freshly bought set.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen remodel ideas

  • Replace or Add a New Backsplash

No one likes to do the dishes and look back at a backsplash whose grout has turned yellow – which might mean that it is high time for you to change it. Classic white tiles will generally never go out of style, as they bring light in the kitchen and can be combined with everything – but there are also quite a few modern choices that you can make as well.

For instance, mosaic tile is very popular nowadays. You may use it to add a “splash” of color to your kitchen, which will eventually make it more attractive and increase the value of your home.


  • Replace or Repaint the Floors

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen Before Furniture

When you step into a room, what is one of the first things that you notice about it? That’s right – the floors. Unconsciously, you always look where you walk – so, before noticing any fancy furniture that you may have, people will look at the state of your floors.

Ideally, if your budget allows you, you might want to replace them entirely – particularly if they are highly rundown. However, if you cannot afford this kind of investment, then you may simply choose to paint them. There are many home improvement shops from which you may purchase floor paint or enamel – and a simple color splash might be exactly what you need to increase the value of your home.


Final Thoughts

It is said that the way to a person’s heart is through the kitchen – which is why you need to ensure that it looks as fabulous as possible. A new kitchen will certainly be a great way to increase the value of your home and attract buyers. You just need to know what to put your focus on.



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