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How To Convert The Normal Bike Into Electric One Using The e-bike Conversion Kit

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Convert The Normal Bike Into Electric One Using The e-bike Conversion Kit

The electric bike has created a buzz in the last few years. And why it won’t. It is fun, comfortable, and enjoyable. You can remove all the roadblocks and challenges that you often face with a traditional bike with this electric bike. With this popularity, you might think that you need to buy an electric bike to follow the trend. But that is not true at all.

You can use an electric bike without buying it. How? Well, simply, you can convert your regular bike into an electric bike. With the help of an electric bike conversion kit, you can easily do it, and you can do it by yourself. Now the question comes what this electric bike conversion kit is and how you can convert your regular bike into an electric bike using this kit. Here is the answer to your question.


What is the electric bike conversion kit?

The electric bike conversion is an accessory for traditional pushbikes. The main aim of this kit is to power the bike to eliminate the human effort and provide good speed to overcome difficult terrains. It is designed in such a way so that you can get the power without peddling and generate enough speed. The LCD unit and the pedal assistance system are the main two most significant items.


How to Convert Normal Bike Into Electric?

Convert Normal Bike Into Electric


So now you know what electric bike conversion kit is. We are going to discuss how you can convert your regular bike into an electric bike.

 Convert Normal Bike Into Electric

Know your needs first

The first thing you need to know is your need. Many things depend on your needs. If you are planning to ride your bike for fun and on a paved road, then you can go for a less powerful motor. On the other hand, if you are thinking of going off track or hill area, then you should consider a motor with high power. You will find the motor from 500 watts to 2200 watt. Based on your needs, you have to choose the right one.

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Take the conversion kit

The next thing you need to do is to take the conversion kit. There are different types of conversion kits available in the market. Based on your demand, you can choose any of them. But in general, the conversion kit comes with Front Wheel Kit, Rear Wheel Kit, Mid-Drive Conversion Kit, Hub Motor, Wheel Set, Battery Pack with Charger, Battery-Motor-Throttle Cable System, Weatherproof Battery Bag, Pressure Grip Throttle, and Cabling Zip Ties.

You need most of these to complete your conversion. The kit comes with all the things you need to complete the task of conversion. Also, it comes with the tools you need to complete the task as well. That means when you are buying the conversion kit; you are buying everything you need.


Install motor

The next step is installing the motor. It is a simple task. But since you are doing it for the first time, it might seem not very easy for you. Please don’t panic about it. The motor and wheels are excellent in quality. Also, they are durable. So you can easily move and install these.

So the first job is to install the motor is to remove the pedals, cranks, and bottom brackets. It might take time, but it is worthy of it. Now mount the motor. But make sure everything is in the right direction. After mounting the motor, it is time to set the chainring. The job has not been done yet. You need to check the shifting and adjust it as well.

Convert Normal Bike Into Electric


Install switches

After installing the motor, now you need to set up the switches to your bike. It is simple if you can remove the handle grip. Use pry and screwdriver to open the grip. Even you can use some soapy water if it seems difficult to open.

Now before taking off the old gear shifter, you need to make sure where you will set the switches. Then place the thumb throttle lever as close as possible to the gear/brake lever. On the other side, place the on/off switch.

After completing the switch placement, you need to dress the wire back to the motor area carefully. You need to use the zip-ties to attach the wire to the bike. You will get it with the kit.


Install battery box

The battery is everything for an e-bike. That is why you need to put it carefully. And to do that, you need a battery box. You can either take a plastic box or a metal box. But metal will be good. It would be best if you place the box in the carrier of the bike strongly.

Now line the box with foam or other insulators. This will protect the battery. You may use some old foam cushion for better protection. But keep a place for wiring. Then wire the battery.


Finish and test

Now you are ready to go. It is time to test whether you have installed the electric bike kit correctly or not. The rear brakes and gear might need to be adjusted. But don’t worry. You can do that as well. Now you have to take a few rides to make sure everything is alright.

Never expect that everything will be alright for the first time. You will find many problems regarding your installation, and you might need to solve those problems. As I said, it is time-consuming.



As you can see, it is as simple as that. But you need to make sure that you have enough time. Also, you need to remember that it might not be as inexpensive as any other DIY project. People do it for fun, and also, it is for the people who have an old bike. If you do not have an old bike, then never go for converting a new bike. Instead, you can buy a new electric bike at that price. So be careful and be wise. And enjoy the fun of an electric bike.







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