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Pole Saw Safety Tips And Tricks: Must Know Before Using

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Tips For Pole Saw Safety

Do you work with the pole saw? Or are you planning to buy pole saw for cutting branches? Before moving on, you need to know about pole saw safety. Without knowing it properly, you can't avoid danger. So, here I am going to provide you with the most necessary pole saw safety tips and tricks that will ensure your safety and will remove your tension while working with it.

A pole saw is a very useful tool to cut all the unnecessary overhead branches or limbs from the trees that are out of your reach. You can easily do your work from the ground without any tools or ladder.

But as it is a cutting machine you need to know well how to use it properly ensuring safety. Otherwise, you will come up with numerous unexpected accidents or injuries. So, you should follow some safety tips and tricks before using the pole saw.


Pole saw safety tips and tricks

How To Use Pole Saw

How To Use Pole Saw

1. Ensure Safety wear:

Accidents are common in using the pole saw. So, to avoid any occurrences while cutting branches or trees you need PPP (professional protective equipment). You can’t ignore the importance of it. Head, ear, eye, leg and foot protection are compulsory. A good pair of gloves also is highly recommended. So, ensure safety wear first before moving on using the pole saw.

Things that you need to wear:

  • Long pants: protect your arms and legs from flying debris, dirt or pole saw mishaps.
  • Glasses: Protect your eyes from any pieces of wood or dust while cutting.
  • Head and face gear: Protect your head and face from any falling parts of branches or trees.
  • Gloves: Protect your hands from chainsaw mishaps and unexpected incidents.
  • Ear cover: If you are not used to the loud sound that comes out of a machine, ear cover can protect your ear from that sound.
  • Boots: Protect your foot from any falling pieces of wood, debris or dust that can harm your foot.


2. Clear your surroundings: 

The place where you will start your cutting makes sure to clear the whole area to get rid of any unexpected situation or accidents. Keep all at a safe distance away from your cutting area. To keep your balance properly make sure to work on a plain surface without any muddy or rocky area.


3. Check your equipment before using:

best pole saw

best pole saw

It is another most important safety rule. Whenever you will get ready to do your cutting work with the pole saw, you also have to make sure your machine is working properly. If you start work with a damaged or faulty machine that can bring you to harm in different ways. So, check it out before using it.

Things that you need to check

  • Examine the teeth of the saws for damage and break in the chain.
  • Make sure all nuts and bolts are tightly fitted.
  • Also, check the cutting head for damage or loose parts.
  • Be sure your chain blade is enough sharp for cutting. The dull blade may get stuck while working and may let all the cutting pieces flying through the air.
  • Check even the stop switch is working properly.


4. Get rid of kickback:

Another common cause of accidents from pole saw is kickback. Kickback occurs when the top quarter of the saw blade known as kickback zone, contacts a solid object wood or metal with the moving chain at the nose or tip of the guide bar. The result is a rotational force that flings the bar backward, into the operator.

It can also happen when the bar is pinched by the tree being cut. 


What you have to do to avoid kickback?

  • Hold the saw with both hands and thumbs securely.
  • Ensure a firm footing.
  • Stand at the angle of the cutting path.
  • Position yourself correctly through maintaining a proper distance from the bar and chain when running saw. 
  • Run the saw with full power to avoid pinch kickback.


5. Use it for the right purpose:

Pole Saw

Pole Saw

The main purpose of pole saw is to cut any branches that you can’t reach while standing flat-footed on the ground. They are used on limbs up to a couple of inches thick. The thicker the wood, the harder for you it will be to cut. So, try to use it on the right purpose and avoid using it on thick wood, trees, plants, bushes or shrubs for better results.


6. Check the weather before using it: 

Try to use it in daylight and avoid using it in wet weather. Avoid using plugged in power equipment when it is wet outside.


7. Mind your Core:

Make sure to untangle your core before using and have a look at it all the time. You should also watch out any electrical wires before cutting branches, your neighbor’s roof or any other places you might accidentally touch for 10-foot pole especially when it has chainsaw at the end.


8. Ensure Cutting safety:

Pole Saw

Pole Saw

  • Always try to cut a single branch or limb at a time. More than that can harm you and increase the risk of an accident. 
  • While cutting any limb out of tension watch for spring back when the branch freed or snaps back or down right at you. 
  • Don’t cut any branches straight overhead. Otherwise, you may be crushed by the falling limb. Try to do cutting keeping yourself in a safe position.
  • Always consider the types of branches before cutting. Dry or wet branches need different kinds of cutting. 
  • Make sure to cut branches at 45-degree Angels.
  • Any branches that are thicker than 8 inches try to leave them cutting because safety is first.


Wrapping Up

Overall, we have tried our best to present you with all the important safety rules and tips. If you follow this pole saw safety tips and tricks and apply it properly before using the pole saw, you will be able to keep you as well as your surroundings safe from all kinds of dangers. So, maintain all the safety rules and enjoy your cutting journey with the pole saw.







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