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Expert Copy for Beginner: How to Use a Pole Saw (Step-By-Step) | Pole saw 101

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How to Use a Pole Saw & safety management steps you need to use?

Using a pole saw is a little tricky and it requires some serious precautions as well. So many people don’t know the actual process of how to use a pole saw.  You need to be a real expert before operating one.

Right at the beginning, I would recommend you to read the procedures at least 2 times to avoid any kinds of accidents.  Then practice with the thin branches for a while and then go for the certain cuts.

How to Use a Pole Saw

How To Use Pole Saw

When to Use The Pole Saw?

When do you use a pole saw? If you are getting the branches at hand, you need not any ladder or pole saw. You can cut them well with a pruning saw. But in case the branches are a little up and you can’t reach them from the field, then you have to use a pole saw.

Sometimes, people use a ladder to reach the upper branches and then cut them with a pruning saw which is really very dangerous because most of the time it creates vacillations about the fall of the branches.  If the branch is likely to fall towards you, it could be tough to recede somewhere in a while.

If the branch is about 12 to 14 feet, a pole saw can deal with such distance. But if it is way higher, you might need a professional.

Safety management

How to Use a Pole Saw

Pole Saw

Though this content is about the process of using a best pole saw, my priority will be the safety management and the Precautions.

When you are cutting a branch whether it is big or small, make sure there is no one around the tree.  Even a small branch can do much larger damage if it hits the sensitive places like eyes, face or something like that.

Moreover, you need to wear suitable outfits as well as a safety goggle, a hard and compatible hat, a pair of boots and gloves.


  • When you are cutting the trees, you are in dangerous territory. So you need to be extra careful. Now let’s talk about some other precautions that you need to make sure before jumping to the action.
  • If possible use a pulley and a rope to ensure a smooth fall of the large woods. It’s tough to control a heavyweight wood.
  • You must reduce the weight of the particular branch. So you can jump cut the branch before the final cut.
  • Never, ever work near any kind of power line. It can cause massive harm.
  • Always wear safety goggle, hard hat, and boots while cutting a brunch.
  • Check and clear the particular area at least twice
  • Ensure the minimum distance and observe the direction and angle of the branch-fall.

Step By Step Instructions

If you are done with safety management and precautions, then you are ready for the next step. Now let’s have a look at them-

Clear the area

First of all, you need to cordon off the area so that people don’t come close to a certain place.

If there is anything in the vicinity that is likely to be damaged if the tree is broken or fallen, it is important to keep those things away. And of course, there should have enough room to move quickly from the places in the event of unforeseen danger. If you can ensure all of them, then go for the next.

Jump Cuts

Before cutting a branch, it requires reducing some weight. You can do this with several jumps and preliminary cuts of the branches. After that, select the place that needs to be cut. Always try to make the cut at the nearly horizontal or horizontal surface of the vine.

Positioning the saw

If you don't know the perfect way of positioning the pole, cutting the branches out will be very laborious for you.

For a perfect cut, holds the pole tightly with both hands along with your chest and then brings it to the vertical position and stay it there until you got the control of its weight. After that bring it to the spot and put it on a certain part of the branch to make the cut.

Positioning yourself

Hold the pole and move yourself to a place that neither below the branch nor too away from it. That means you need to stand at an angle with the saw, not straightly up and down. If you are using an adjustable pole, lengthen it as much as you need.

Start cutting branches with a groove

Make your first stroke gently and of course, in control. Cut perpendicularly so that the blade can bite as much as possible. I hope you have made your first stroke successfully, Congratulations. Now you can easily do the rest.

After applying some strokes, change the direction and cut to the other side of the branch. The same place should not be cut repeatedly.

Finish It Smoothly

Once you start cutting the branches with the saw, then you can increases the speed considerably. Change the direction as to where needed. Observe the branches continuously especially when it nears the falling point because you might need to retreat.

Clear the fallen branch out before start cutting another one. So, it does not create any hassles.

How To Use A Pole Saw-DIY Tree Cutting


To become an expert in using a pole saw is not so easy. It requires lots of enthusiasm and endeavor for that.  If you can apply the followings accurately, you can be nearly professional and the practice will make you a real expert.

But before jumping to the action, double-check the safety managements and precautions to avoid any kind of hassles. If you are not confident enough, we recommend you to contact a professional.  Don’t take any risks.





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