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How to Sharpen Chainsaw with Inexpensive Tools! Complete Guide

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Sharpen Chainsaw

Sharpen Chainsaw

A dull blade Sharpen Chainsaw is an open invitation to accidents, you know right? It will only burn and buck its way through any woodworking process. It’s slow and dangerous both at the same time.

So, don’t stress over dealing with a bunch of problems due to a dull chainsaw. Simply learn how to sharpen chainsaw. Let me have your attention for a while and I promise, you’ll learn something useful. Let’s Go!


Step by Step Discussion on How to Sharpen Chainsaw Safely:

Prepare Yourself

Sharpen Chainsaw

How to sharpen a chainsaw

Don’t be nervous about dealing with blades. I know chainsaw seems pretty scary and nasty looking cutter. But if you get yourself some inexpensive tools then in less than ten minutes, you’ll be able to sharpen chainsaw successfully.

Your slow cutting chainsaw will become a wood-cutting ninja. Now, to sharpen A chainsaw you may want to do it right on the saw by wood cutting. Make sure to do these frequently. This will keep the lifespan of your chain good enough.


Dust Means It’s Time to Clean

You should have a look at the waste material from your saw. If you see dust, it means time to sharpen. When you see chips, the saw is probably sharp enough.

If you need additional force to make a cut, it’s probably dulled and needs sharpening. A dull chain can increase kickback rates.


Inspection Round

You need to have some knowledge of chainsaw anatomy as well. The saw teeth are your first observing point. The semi-rounded edges can be sharpened very quickly with a round file.

The fin in front of each cutter actually moderates bites on wood. The angle goes from left to right and makes straight cuts.

After continuous sharpening, the depth gauges level should be same with cutter. You can use a file guide and flat file to get the right height.

It’s easy to sharpen if the dullness from regular work. However, if the dullness is due to accidental rock cuts or poor embedment than it’s best to get professional help. Sometime you may also need to replace it.

Sharpen Chainsaw

Best Chainsaw Sharpener


Get Some Tools:

Okay, so for the starting you need to have a bunch of tools in your kit. Here is a list:

  1. 2 types of file, round and flat.
  2. File guide.
  3. Sharpening kit
  4. Depth gauge guide.
  5. Dremel tool.

How To Find The Best Chainsaw Replacement Chain

Sharpen Chainsaw

Chainsaw chains


Filing with Right Angles

  • First of all, you need to mount into the guide a round file. Now make sure the size is right. It should not be a rattail file.
  • You need to hold the file at a certain degree. It should be angled around 30 to 35 degree with the bar horizontally. It also needs to be a right angle vertically.
  • It’s time to start filing. Make sure to count strokes. The strokes need to be same for every cutter. The file guide will help you to keep depth and shape similar for every cutter. You should cut a slog while holding the saw bar.


Sharpening Process

Sharpen Chainsaw

Chainsaw oil

  • You will have to advance the chain once in a while. This is important after every 5 to 6 cutters. Make sure you are wearing gloves for this step.
  • While you are filing the cutter, you may feel that barehanded working is more comfortable. This makes better contact between cutter and file.
  • You need to cut around two-inch-deep kerp in a log. Next, simply rest the bar in it. This will keep the thing secure while sharpening. Now, at the end of bar put file and guide into a cutter. Use a felt-tipped pen to mark the cutter’s top. This is the indication of where you should start sharpening.
  • You should use cutting angles with reverse direction for every tooth. Skip a cutter and go for next with a similar number of strokes.
  • The burr should form on outer edge of cutter. Keep on sharpening till you have reached the mark. Now simply move to another side of saw bar.


Rotary Sharpening

Sharpen Chainsaw

Best Electric Chainsaw

  • There is a quick and effective way of sharpening by using rotary power tools. These tools cut down both time and money. There are many curious eyes who wants to know how to sharpen chainsaw with Dremel, one of the most preferable sharpening tool.
  • Dremel comes with three grinding wheels. The diameters are also quite popular for most model. A guide should also be there for quickly screwing. A rotary tool is a genius for controlling the cutting angle and depth.
  • The tool should also include stone and guide for mower blades. You need to wear safety glasses for this step.
  • Simply use the edge of metal guide parallelly to factory ground angle of cutter. This way places the wheel grinding against cutter itself.
  • No simply turn on the cutter. You will need to use sideways pressure for cutting. Do this with the count of four.
  • Simply sharpen all the cutter just like you would do with a round file. Do the same thing for opposite cutters as well.
  • Once you think the usage has become simple, things will become easier. Just leave the tool running. You can move from one cutter to another quickly. This will turn the sharpening speed ahead. You can refer to the manual of rotary tool for better understanding.
Sharpen Chainsaw

Best Chainsaw Chaps

​Viral YouTube Video on How to Sharpen a Chainsaw


That’s all for today. I hope you have a better idea of sharpening a chainsaw now. It’s actually pretty simple if you do it for a couple of times. This is something that you will need to do frequently.

A woodworker or chainsaw user must keep his tools sharp and pointed. Also, make sure you buy a quality chainsaw that meets requirements. You may want to check some chainsaw reviews here.

A dull tool that stops midway while you have centered all your focus on a particular project will ruin the entire mood. Don’t let that happen to you! Good Luck!


Author BIO:


Hi, this is Mathew from the city of Denver, Colorado. I am a professional woodworker with more than 12 years of experience along with the technical degree regarding the field. I have undertaken many small to large projects and ended with good result. Stay connected to know the knowledge and tips I implemented in my work in process. Thanks.



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