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Essential Supplies That You Must Have For A Cleaner Home

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Must Have Supplies For A Cleaner Home

home cleaning

home cleaning

As the entire planet has come to a standstill. All we can think of is how to keep ourselves healthy by keeping our environment and surrounding clean. People are going crazy in the home care sections. Although cleaning is important, that does not mean you hoard on every single cleaning agent that exists on the racks. Here are some essential supplies that you should have in your homes to have a clean, safe and healthy home environment.

Vacuum Cleaner

No matter how efficient your conventional broom and catcher works, it will still somehow leave behind some dust particles and tiny remnants. Moreover, it is not practical and is super frustrating to find pet hair stuck hair and there and food particles spilled by your toddler while eating right after you have cleaned up. A vacuum cleaner makes life so much easier since it sucks away dirt from the tiniest nooks and corners of your house.

Some vacuum cleaners are equipped with HEPA technology, which allows them to clean off all allergens in your space, making it cleaner and healthier. There are many different types of vacuum cleaners available that you can pick according to your usage and budget. The product Advisor explains how to pick the right vacuum cleaner for your living space.


Sponge Mop

If you have hardwood, tile or marble flooring, a sponge mop is a blessing. The pursuit of keeping the house and especially the bathroom dry, spick and span when the entire family is homebound is nothing less than a challenge. A sponge mop with a good swivel function allows you to wipe the floor clean in a single streak. The best part is that most sponge mops work well with water and you can do away with those sticky cleaning agents.


Steam Mop

Steam mops are perhaps one of the most miraculous inventions and are must-have in such testing times. As the name suggests, these are electric mops that generate steam triggered by heat to clean the surfaces. The steam does not only removes the dirt and loosen the stubborn stains but also kills harmful bacteria and viruses on your floor. However, if you have an unsealed flooring surface that is bonded by an adhesive, double-check with your flooring manufacturer before using a steam mop.


Microfiber Cloth

Scrubbing and scraping sticky stubborn stains from kitchen surfaces and floors is such an annoying job. Moreover, it is not something that you would want to do every day. A microfiber cloth handles this problem well. A damp cloth is more than enough to loosen the grime and any other tough stain and make your surface shine.


Magic Sponge

Kids have this universal problem of showing their artistic expression on the walls. Even if you have managed to put away those crayons and paints, they will somehow smudge their greasy or wet palms right underneath your gorgeous wall hanging. Of course, you cannot get a paint job every day, but a magic sponge will be your sole savior in such situations. Magic sponges are designed to wipe clean the walls and can erase any marks including smudges, crayons paints, pens, etc.


Disinfectant Spray

As we are all struggling to keep ourselves safe since we do not know what might bring in the demonic virus in our homes, a disinfectant spray is a must-have. You can even formulate your spray by adding 3 caps of Dettol anti-bacterial solution in 200 ml of water. Keep the solution in a spray bottle and spray it on any surface that you wish to disinfect.







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