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Understanding The Electricity Market In Queensland To Choose The Best Home Plan

electrician at electricity energy pole

electrician at electricity energy poleIn the financial year 2019, Queensland stood second in overall electricity consumption in Australia, with about 65 terawatt-hours. On the other hand, with nearly 2 million private dwellings, the state currently has the country’s third-largest market of electricity users. These statistics are a testament to how thriving the electricity market in Queensland … Read more

How Do You Get The Best Electricity Rates For Your Business?

electric tower

electric tower With ever-increasing energy prices, it has become difficult for businesses to stay within their operational budget. There are numerous suppliers catering for your electricity business requirements. The unregularized market has increased competition and the quality of service has improved, benefitting the ordinary consumer.  However, as a business owner, it can become a daunting task … Read more

Understanding Electricity Usage In Your Home And What Appliances Use The Most

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damaged electronic devicesElectricity is generally seen as an essential part of everyday life. However, there are still an estimated 1.2 billion people in the world without electricity! Yet, most people cannot imagine life without it. You rely on the refrigerator in the morning to help you enjoy your breakfast, it keeps food fresh all day. The … Read more