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When it comes to your home the most important thing is the foundation since this is the base of your dream home. The entire structure of your home is built on the foundation so it should be solid.

But unfortunately, people overlooked the thing that foundation is the most important component for their home. As the foundation is out of sight, that's why people easily forget about this. It doesn't matter if you forget the foundation yet the foundation works tirelessly to support your entire home.

And only when things go wrong, people think about the foundations: and by the time it's too late to maintain the foundation, also, it becomes costly to fix up the issues.

However, you can avoid these situations just by following a few strategies. In this guide, we’ve shared 5 effective ways for you so that you can maintain your home's foundation.

Causes of Foundation Damages

You should know the causes of damages to take care of the foundation properly. The following are some of the causes of the foundation damages -

Bad soil - Soil has a great impact on the foundation, it can be the cause of cracks. That's why you should use the best soil.

Earthquakes - Most of the time you cannot feel the earthquakes as they are so small. The shakes during the earthquakes can be the cause of a loose foundation.

Moisture - Excessive moisture can create great damage. Usually, rain can be the cause of excessive moisture and it can leak the plumbing.

Big Tree - If your home has big trees then this could be a major problem for your home foundation. That's why you should be a good landscaper.

5 Tips For Home Foundation Maintenance 

1. Filling Minor Cracks

If you found any minor cracks in your home then don't ignore the fact. The first thing you can do is: write down the places where you found the crack, also, measure the length of the cracks.

Also, check the temperature, and possible leakage around the home.

Every few months is a better way to check the foundation of your home. You should get a specialist to inspect the cracks in your home if the cracks are getting longer.

However, if the cracks are minor then you can fill it with the simple DIY fix: there are readily mix are available on the market that is designed for DIY concrete repair. So you can fill the gaps with this mix.

2. Annual Plumbing Checks

Check the plumbing system annually of your home, check both inside and outside the plumbing system. If there are any leaks under the floor or behind the walls, this could destroy the whole parts of your home.

Annually plumbing leaks checking will cost you a little. But if you check regularly, this can save you thousands of dollars. Plumbing issues can occur due to low-faucet pressure, pooling water, or moldy walls. While other issues are conspicuous.

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You need to turn off all water-based appliances throughout the house to detect the hidden damage. Check the water meter after six hours, if the meter shows any different reading then you need to call a professional plumber to inspect the issue.

3. Ensure Proper Drainage

Water can damage the foundation of your house. You should ensure the proper drainage in your house. The soil can be shifted if the soil in your house couldn't properly accept or expel the moisture. That's why you need to make sure the earth in your house can properly do this.

And if the soil is too wet then it is also dangerous. Check the downspouts plus gutters if they are redirecting water properly. You can install rock beds roughly two-three feet away from the foundation. This will prevent rainwater from directly seeping into the soil.

If you cannot fix them by yourself then consult with a certified gutter professional.

Another thing is, usually, people use the foundation watering system in the dry season to water the surrounding soil to prevent the dryness. And it may cause the foundation damage if you overwatering it. That is why you need to use the proper amount of water that surrounds your home.

4. Intelligent Landscaping

We all know that plants increase the beauty to your home, as well as, they help prevent erosion. But if the landscaping is improper then this could be dangerous.

A tree root can eat the foundation walls, moreover, roots compete with the surrounding soil for water which causes dryness and other issues.

However, you can easily fix these issues simply, do not plant any trees close to your home.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) of the USA - you can plant trees but do not plant it closer to the foundation of the light building structures. The tree roots can touch your home if the tree's branches can touch your home.

And if it's too close, then what will you do?

Well, in this case, you can install a root barrier around your property if you already have large trees positioned near your foundation.

The barrier is made of plastic or metal which is installed at least 3-inches deeper into the ground. This will directly prevent the roots from reaching the foundation. This is a helpful thing that you can do.

5. Biannual Foundation Inspections

Another best thing you can do to keep the foundation in good condition is you can check the foundation at the starting of every season. If you do this frequently this will help you save some dollars from any major maintenance.

You can always lookout for any telltale signs of the foundation in the slanted floors, sagging roofs, buckling walls, improperly fitting doors, and windows.

And consult an expert if there's an issue to keep the foundation in a good condition.


Follow these five easy steps to keep your home foundation in good condition. Usually, foundation repairing can cost more than thousands.  But this is the most important thing in your house so you can eliminate the costs just by proper care maintenance.

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