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The Advantages Of Epoxy Paint For Industrial Floors

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atlantic metallic epoxy floor

atlantic metallic epoxy floor

For professionals, epoxy resin is widely considered to be the floor covering of choice. A coating that seals and cures any surface it’s applied to, particularly concrete, epoxy paint is particularly well-suited to industrial floors thanks to its excellent mechanical and chemical resistance.

It’s a modern and very attractive floor covering that’s smooth, seamless and very easy to maintain. But besides the obvious benefits of a glossy and protected floor, what other benefits will a coat of epoxy floor paint offer to your industrial facility?


It’s significantly more affordable to paint a floor than to tear everything up and replace it with something completely new. Even with more affordable tiling or vinyl flooring, the cost will add up, particularly when we’re talking about industrial applications. Then there’s the time and effort involved in removal and replacement. Applying a few coats of epoxy floor paint, meanwhile, is a faster and more efficient solution.



While it was most commonly used on concrete flooring, epoxy can also be used comfortably on wood and stone too. It’s also flexible in terms of its aesthetics. The shiny surface will look as at-home in a garage or car park as it will in a warehouse or office building. It also responds very well to lighting, with light naturally bouncing off it to give the illusion of real depth and space.



There are few chemical compounds on earth as resistant as epoxy. Whereas many other alternatives are only resistant to heat, shock, chemicals or water, epoxy is resistant to all four. This means it is just as resistant to spills and heavy machinery as it is to  the hot sun. Indeed, it will actually be heated up by the sun. It’s even resistant to sound, with wonderful insulation properties.


Strength and durability 

An epoxy coating will last significantly longer than carpet, wood flooring, vinyl and even tiling. It will also retain its good looks for years with very little need for any maintenance. The reasons for this is primarily down to its innate strength. Indeed, adding an epoxy coat to concrete enhances its ability to hold weight by up to around 7,000 pounds per square inch. This is perhaps why it’s so commonly used in situations where there are lots of heavy vehicles around.



Because it doesn’t need to be replaced very often and requires so few actual materials, epoxy is a surprisingly eco-friendly flooring option. I only say surprising, of course, because as a chemical, you might understandably expect it to be quite environmentally damaging. So if you’re looking for a flooring option that’s not only cost-effective and strong but environmentally friendly too, epoxy is the way to go.



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