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The Benefits Of Using Fabric Pots Over Traditional Plastic Planters

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indoor garden plants farm

indoor garden plants farm

Lots of people that are gardening are now resorting to growing plants and flowers in fabric pots over traditional plastic planters. Fabric pots also known as grow bags can be used to plant trees, flowers, and vegetables. Many different types of plants can grow in them making them versatile. Fabric pots are also budget-friendly, available in different sizes and can sustain wear and tear for a while and thus last for up to years of use.

Considering how efficient and beneficial fabric pots are many growers have opted to use them over other types of planters. They work well with air pruning and have superior drainage capabilities. They can also be used instead of garden beds, especially where space is limited. This also makes them ideal in areas with poor soil quality and great for container gardening. Below are some of the benefits of using fabric pots over traditional plastic planters.

Temperature regulation and control

Depending on the climatic conditions of an area, the soil can warm up fast, especially in the spring and summer. The wrong planter can affect the soil temperature. However, the material used to make fabric pots allows the release of excess heat through the breathable fabric mesh. This is contrary to other types of materials, like plastic and metal which can retain more heat from the sun damaging the root system of the plants planted.

Remember that plants and flowers are quite sensitive to temperature changes. Planters made from non-breathable materials hold a lot of heat. This can affect delicate roots causing the plant to wilt and die. Fabric pots and bags are made from breathable material allowing heat to sip through cooling the sand inside.


Reduces over-watering

Different plants have varying water requirements. This means that the water uptake of one plant can either be higher or lower than another. Some plants thrive in standing water while others require very little amount of water lest their roots rot. Excess water is dangerous for plants that are sensitive to excessive moisture. Apart from causing the roots to rot, excess water can lead to the formation of mould or fungus as well as diseases. The use of fabric breathable grow bags promotes water drainage leaving the soil moist, rather than wet. Compared to traditional planters with small drain holes which retain excess water, fabric pots protect plant roots from exposure to excess water.


Easy to store

The material used to make fabric pots allow them to be folded up and stored when not in use. This is ideal especially for small spaces since plastic pots can take a lot of space. They are also sturdy and can withstand intense heat. Due to their light weight material, you can easily move fabric pots around or plant them directly in the ground.


Healthier plant root system

Due to their permeability, fabric planters encourage air pruning of roots thus promoting a more developed root system. With a healthier root system, this promotes nutrient uptake and general plant growth, especially when transplanted. Fabric pots prevent the encircling of roots which suffocates plant roots and in time inhibit plant growth. Stuffed roots prevent aeration limiting the amount of oxygen, water, and nutrients uptake from the soil.

Most problems associated with plant root growth can be evaded when you use fabric pots. Promote root growth and air pruning by purchasing some of the best fabric pots in the market.







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