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What To Do When Water Damages Your Home

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Water curing of floor

Water curing of floor

No matter how much effort you put into protecting your home, there are occasions where damage is unavoidable. Events like lousy weather are bound to affect your home to a certain degree, and if the integrity of your home is damaged, you should take some steps to assess the situation.

Water is likely to invade the interior, especially after heavy rain or a flood. I wanted to learn how to react if water damages my home according to Risk Free Serv. Here are steps you should take to mitigate water damage inside your home:

Initial Investigation

It is always recommended to call the professionals in situations like these, but before you do that, you can scan the area first to understand better what you are dealing with.

It is essential to know the amount of water inside your home, whether it’s a small leak or significant flooding; understanding this is vital so you can make a quick decision.

Next up is the type of water affecting your home, and you can separate it into three categories:

Clean water is theoretically not harmful because it comes from safe sources like pipes or rain, and it doesn’t have any dangerous substances.

Gray water originates from your toilet or a dishwasher. This water is contaminated, and you need to wear protective equipment if you attempt to clean it.

Blackwater is harmful, and you should not tackle it on your own. It comes from sewers or flooding, and you can never know how contaminated it is.

When you determine the type of water, you can then calculate the amount of damage. This action will also give you a clear picture of whether you should deal with the restoration yourself.


What To Do

Before calling the professionals, you can help the situation, or, at least, not make it worse.

The first thing you need to do is disconnect outlets. We all know how dangerous electricity is in contact with water. Unplug everything before attempting any kind of restoration.

Now is the time to carefully move through the area and start taking out furniture, appliances, or any other items you can carry. Find some dry space where you can store these items. Certain porous materials like wood, rubber, drywall, carpet, or wallpaper don’t take water too kindly. If these materials are heavily damaged, there is no point saving them; new ones should replace them.

While evaluating the damage, it is good to check for mold. Moisture creates perfect conditions for mold growth. You can clean affected areas with a piece of cloth and vinegar, but it is best to contact a professional with the proper tools and knowledge for a more severe spread.

After you’ve estimated the amount of damage, disposed of ruined items, and checked for mold - it’s time to dry out the area. You can use dehumidifiers and fans in combo with a natural draft. Open all windows and let the air circulate.

Finally, after taking all the previous steps, it’s time to disinfect. You can use bleach to wipe affected areas to prevent mold growth and spray with disinfectant to kill bacteria.


Professional Assistance

Water damage restoration is tricky, and if you lack experience and proper tools, you might risk harming yourself or causing even more damage in an attempt to salvage precious items. For 0 risk scenario and efficient assistance, professional expertise is vital.

No matter how significant the damage is, acting on your own could make things worse. Do the right thing and let the pros deal with the disaster.





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